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2003SP Undergraduate Day- Honors

Day Division- Semester

HON-199-S01 Portrait of an Artist 4 1:20PM-2:25PM MWF KULS 301 J. Feldman
The aim of this course is to explore the meaning, value, and justification of the arts by studying the artist as portrayed in fiction, drama, and film. As class projects, students can chose to write fiction, poetry, dramatic scenes, or personal essays to develop their own aesthetic observations and insights. By examining the creative impulse of diverse minds, students may discover the artist in themselves, and experience the arts with new awareness. Students must be of at least sophomore status and be enrolled in the honors program, or have at least sophomore status and a GPA of at least 3.5.

HON-200-S01 Family: Diversity & Change 4 9:55-11:35AM TTH MC 20 Gussett/Gilmore
This course is open only first year students in the honors program who have taken HON 100. Course will address change and the family from the perspective of a social scientist and a faculty member who is an expert in the field of communications. Work and family issues, theories and concepts about how communication plays a role between marital partners, in parent and children interactions, and in intercultural/diversity issues are discussed. In addition, we will examine such issues as pregnancy and birth; male and female roles; the nature of childhood; the extended family; and various types of family arrangements, which have existed in human history (polygamy, nuclear family, gay and lesbian parents).

Cancelled HON-200-S02 Tech Rev: Prosp/Threats Fut 4 9:55-11:35AM TTH KAMM 214 KruegerMcCargar

!* GEO-111H-S01 Dynamic Earth - Honors 4 9:55-11:10AM TTH WARD 106 S. Thomas
LAB 4:30PM-7:15PM T LES 224
See Geology schedule for course description.

! REL/PSY-263H-S01 Search for Meaning 4 1:00PM-3:30PM T MART 316 C. Levin
LAB 1:00PM-2:50PM TH MART 316 J. Gordon
See religion or psychology schedules for course description.

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