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2003FA Lifelong Learning- Business

Evening Division- Semester

BUS-211P-SE1 Prin of Acctg I 4 6:15PM-9:15PM W KAMM 202 D. Shardell
Preq: None

BUS-212-SE1 Prin of Acctg II 3 6:15PM-8:45PM TH KAMM 123 K. Kleppel
Prerequisites: Take BUS-211;

BUS-305P-SE1 Intro to Management 4 6:15PM-9:15PM M KAMM 202 B. Melcher
Preq: None

BUS-321-SE1 Intermed Acctg I 4 6:15PM-9:15PM M KAMM 149 M. Felber
Prerequisites: Take BUS-212;

CANCELLED BUS-328-SE1 Business Law 3 6:15PM-8:45PM TH KAMM 215 S. Kaber
Prerequisites: Take BUS-326;

BUS-365-SE1 Management Science
3 6:15PM-8:45PM W KAMM 124 R. Ehresman
Prerequisites: # Take ECN-279, MTH-136, CSC121;

CANCELLED BUS-407-SE1 Fed Income Tax 4 6:15PM-9:15PM TH KAMM 124 R. Luli
Prerequisites: Take BUS-211;

BUS-411-SE1 Compensation Mgmt 3 6:15PM-8:45PM TH KAMM 202 Staff
Prerequisites: Take BUS-305;

BUS-413-SE1 Staffing and Development 3 6:15PM-8:45PM T KAMM 202 M. Pisnar-Sweeney
Prerequisites: Take BUS-410;

BUS-417-SE1 Prin of Auditing 4 6:15PM-9:15PM M KAMM 203 J. Kaderabek
Prerequisites: Take BUS-322;

BUS-418-SE1 Govt and Non-Profit Acctg 3 6:15PM-8:45PM T KAMM 203 K. Kleppel
Prerequisites: Take BUS-212;

BUS-420-SE1 Accounting Systems 3 6:15PM-8:45PM W KAMM 106 R. Luli
Prerequisites: Take BUS-322;

BUS-432-SE1 Mktg Res & Info Sys 4 6:15PM-9:15PM M KAMM 205 P. David
Prerequisites: # Take BUS-330; ECN-279;

BUS-444I-SE1 International Finance Mgmt 4 6:15PM-9:15PM M KAMM 123 D. Munoz
Prerequisites: Take BUS-342;

BUS-445-SE1 Prin of Investments 4 6:15PM-9:15PM W KAMM 205 S. Deville
Preq: Take BUS-342 , ECN-279

Evening Division- Minimester A

BUS-326P-AE1 Legal Environ of Organ 3 6:15PM-9:15PM TH KAMM 203 S. Kaber
Preq: None

BUS-342-AE1 Corp & Org Finance 3 6:15PM-9:15PM TH KAMM 126 S. Deville
Prerequisites: # Take BUS-212; ECN-100 or ECN-101; CSC-121, MTH 136;

BUS-358-AE1 Business Communications 3 6:15PM-8:45PM T KAMM 126 R. Ward

BUS-451-AE1 Mgmt Strategy & Policy 4 6:00PM-10:00PM W KAMM 127 B. Melcher
Preq: All other courses required for Business major

Evening Division- Minimester B

BUS-330P-BE1 Intro to Marketing 3 6:15PM-9:15PM TH KAMM 126 R. Loeffler
Preq: ECN-100 or ECN-101;

BUS-365-BE1 Management Science 3 6:15PM-9:15PM T KAMM 127 S. Deville
Prerequisites: # Take ECN-279, MTH-136, CSC-121;

BUS-410-BE1 Human Resources 3 6:15PM-9:15PM T KAMM 126 J. Fuehrer
Prerequisites: Take BUS-305;

Weekend Division- Semester

BUS-305P-SWQ Intro to Management 4 11:15AM-2:15PM SA BWE 1 M. Martyn

Weekend Division- Minimester A

BUS-330P-AW1 Intro to Marketing 3 11:15AM-2:15PM SA KAMM 124 D. Auble

BUS-409-AW1 Behavrl Theory Mgmt 4 8:00AM-12:00PM SA KAMM 216 H. Bury
Prerequisites: Take BUS-305;

Weekend Division- Minimester B

BUS-329-BW1 Business Ethics 3 8:00AM-11:00AM SA KAMM 124 R. Ward

BUS-410-BWQ Human Resources 3 8:00AM-11:00AM SA BWE 1 K. Potetz
Prerequisites: Take BUS-305;

! BUS-436I-BW1 International Marketing 4 8:00AM-12:00PM SA KAMM TBA J. Janosik
Prerequisites: Take BUS-330;

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