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2002 Summer - Psychology


PSY-279-S01 Elements of Statistics   4   8:00AM-10:05AM   MTWTH   MC 222   C. Levin
PREQ: PSY 110, or PSY 100 and PSY 101
This course will not count toward satisfying the social sciences portion of the core curriculum requirement of the College.  Course is designed for behavioral science students and covers such topics as measures of central tendency, variability, tests of significance, confidence intervals, regression analysis and correlation.  In addition, the students will receive an introduction to computer data analysis and advanced inferential techniques.

! PSY-302-S01 Abnormal Psychology   4   8:00AM-10:05AM   MTWTH   MC 114   M. Dwyer
Core Academic Skills: Writing and Research
PREQ: PSY 100 and PSY 304, or PSY 100 and PSY 101,  or PSY 110  (PSY 304 highly recommended).
A survey of the phenomena of psychopathology, including historical background, symptomatology, incidence, course and etiology of a wide array of pathologies including, to name a few, stress-related disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, personality disorders and the schizophrenias.  A brief review of treatment will also be presented.

Cancelled ! PSY-325-S01 Adolescent Development   4   10:30AM-12:35PM   MTWTH   MC 222   M. Dwyer
Core Academic Skills: Writing and Research
PREQ: PSY 100 & PSY 205, or PSY 100 & PSY 101,  and PSY 205,  or PSY 110 & PSY 205, or PSY 315
The span of life between puberty and young adulthood is examined with special attention given to developmental experience, cultural variables, physiological changes, cognitive development, identity formation, interpersonal relations, delinquency, substance abuse, and adolescent psychopathologies.

PSY-473-S01 Clinical Experience   1-16   R. Buese
PREQ: PSY 373 and consent of instructor.   Graded S/U
Students are assigned to a clinical setting for a learning and work experience.  Students work under the supervision of the personnel in the institution to which they are assigned.  Progress is assessed by consultation between the students, the institutional supervisor and the instructor.


! PSY-205-AW1 Developmental Psychology   3   8:00AM-11:00AM   SA   MC 214   K. Metz
Prerequisites: Take PSY-100 or PSY-110
Core Academic Skills: Writing and Research
A course designed to help the student gain knowledge of the sequence of human development from conception and birth through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and aging.  The impact of biological and interpersonal factors in the growth and maturation of the individual is considered.

Cancelled ! PSY-321-AW1 Hum Rel & Group Dynamics   3   8:00AM-11:00AM   SA   MC 222   P. Charlton
Prerequisites: Take PSY-110 or PSY-100
Core Academic Skills: Oral Communication and Social Interaction
A course designed to examine interpersonal relationships in small and large groups in organizational settings.  Current theory and research is presented, along with experiential exercises.  A major focus is on leadership skills and group development.


PSY-473-S21 Clinical Experience   1-16   R. Buese
PREQ: PSY 373 and consent of instructor.  Graded S/U.
See course description on Session I Day Division.

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