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2002 Summer - Mathematics


!* MTH-111-S01 Math Elem/Middle Tchr I   4   10:30AM-12:35PM   MTWTH   MACS 147   R. Little
Core Academic Skills: Writing, Problem Solving and Quantitative
Open to early and middle childhood majors only.  A systematic presentation of elementary mathematics for those who are preparing to teach early and middle childhood.  The course provides an overall view of the number system, emphasizing ideas and concepts rather than routine drill.  The following topics are surveyed: evolution of the number system, logic and sets, elementary number theory,  rules for algebraic manipulation, and mathematical systems.

!* MTH-136-S01 Applied College Math   3   8:00AM-10:05AM MTTH   MACS 147   R. Little
Core Academic Skills: Problem Solving and Quantitative
This course is designed for freshman and deals with the fundamental mathematical tools frequently applied in the natural, management and social sciences.  Topics include functional relationships, linear systems, matrices, linear programming, mathematics of finance, sets and graphing.

CANCELLED !* MTH-140-S01 Precalculus Math   4   10:30AM-12:35PM   MTWTH   MACS 146   T. Riggle
A college level review of algebra, trigonometry and analytical geometry.  The course is designed to prepare students for the study of calculus.  A graphing calculator is required and will be used extensively.


! MTH-136-SE1 Applied College Math   3   6:15PM-8:45PM   TTH   MACS 147   B. Aylward
See Day Division for course description.

! MTH-263-SE1 Sem: Adv. Math: Strat of Proof   3   6:15PM-8:45PM   MW   MACS 105   R. Little


!* MTH-112-S21 Math Elem/Middle Tchr II   4   10:30AM-12:35PM   MTWTH   MACS 149   R. Gulick
Core Academic Skills: Writing, Problem Solving, and Quantitative
Open to early and middle childhood majors only.  A continuation of MTH 111, this course examines the ideas and concepts of geometry and discrete mathematics.  Included areas of study of measurement in one, two, and three dimensions, synthetic, coordinate, and transformational geometry, counting theory, basic probability and basic statistics.

! MTH-136-S21 Applied College Math   3   8:00AM-10:05AM   MTTH   MACS 149   N. Monsour
See Day Division of Session I for course description.

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