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2002 Summer - Education


Cancelled EDU-101-S01 Intro Education & Teaching   2   10:30AM-12:15PM   MTTH   Wheeler 112   Staff
This course will introduce the beginning student in professional education to teaching at the various levels and licensure areas.  Students will explore the foundation of American education; emerging models of teaching; structural reforms; diversity of learners; multicultural education; and issues and trends affecting education in a diversified, technological and global world.

EDU-201-S01 Teach Strategy & Mgmt Skill   4   10:30AM-12:35PM   MTWTH   Wheeler 112   J. Roberts
Preq: EDU-101 EDU-102 EDU-103 EDU-104 PSY-110 PSY-100 PSY-205
Students will study general strategies for teaching students ages 3 through 21.  Areas to be included are: planning for instruction; questioning, probing, and reinforcement skills; classroom management theories and techniques; observational, clinical and peer teaching skills.

EDU-340-S01 Assess Teach & Learn   2   8:00AM-9:25AM   MTTH   Wheeler 207   J. Roberts
Preq: EDU-101 EDU-102 EDU-103 EDU-104 EDU-202 EDU-234 EDU-201 EDU-223 PSY-100 PSY-110 PSY-205
Students will study elements of measurement, evaluation, effective teaching, and student achievement in diverse settings.  The course will emphasize evaluation methods, grading systems, standardized and teacher-made tests and their interpretation, as well as formal and informal assessment methods.


EDU-203-SE1 Intro Early Child Educ   3   6:15PM-8:45PM   TTH   Wheeler 207   C. Fouts
Prerequisites: Take EDU-101 EDU-102 EDU-103 EDU-202 EDU-234 PSY-100 PSY-110 PSY-205
This course is designed to provide students with an overview of early childhood education (ages 3-8).  Attention will be given to the early childhood education profession, its historical, philosophical, and social foundations and how they influence current thought and practice.

Cancelled EDU-205-SE1 Intro Middle Child Educ   3   6:15PM-8:45PM   MW   Wheeler 207   Staff
Preq: EDU-101 EDU-102 EDU-103 EDU-201 EDU-202 EDU-204 PSY-100 (or PSY-110)  PSY-205
May be taken concurrently: EDU 104, EDU 201
Students will study the philosophy, curriculum organization, and goals of middle childhood education.   The nature of emerging adolescent learners & teaching methodologies unique to this population will be emphasized.

EDU-341-SE1 Adolescent/Young Adult Literature  2  6:15-8:15PM  TTH                    J. Roberts


EDU-104-S21 Tech for K-12 Educator   3   1:30PM-3:35PM   MTTH   Wheeler Lab   G. Bosela
This course will emphasize the use of technologies in the curriculum; including, but not limited to, technology assessment and purchase, software evaluation, mastery of teaching resources (word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation, CD-ROM, laser disc), instructional strategies, Internet access, electronic classroom training, access and free speech issues, and grant writing.

EDU-204-S21 Teaching of Phonics   3   8:00AM-10:05AM   MTTH   Wheeler 207   S. Keller
Preq: EDU-101 EDU-102 EDU-103 EDU-104 EDU-234 PSY-100 PSY-110 PSY-205
This course focuses on understanding and applying phonics rules as well as the role of phonics in reading instruction.  Students will learn strategies to incorporate phonics in the teaching of reading.

Cancelled EDU-208-S21 Devel Approp Prog Early Child Educ   2   10:30AM-12:30PM   DAILY   Wheeler TBA   K. Acker
Preq: EDU-101 EDU-102 EDU-103 EDU-104 EDU-203 PSY-100 (or PSY-110)  PSY-205
May be taken concurrently: EDU 209   Students will examine factors which are necessary to create responsive learning environments for young children. Many aspects of the environment will be considered to meet the cognitive and physiological needs of young children.

Cancelled EDU-209-S21 Guiding Young Children   2   10:30AM-12:30PM   DAILY   Wheeler TBA   K. Acker
Preq: EDU-101 EDU-102 EDU-103 EDU-104 EDU-203 PSY-100 (or PSY-110)  PSY-205
May be taken concurrently: EDU 208
The goal of early childhood professionals is to have  children behave in socially acceptable and appropriate ways.  This course introduces students to techniques for guiding, supporting and encouraging your children’s positive behavior.

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