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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (pass/fail)

S/U Grading (Pass/Fail): In order to provide students the opportunity to explore a greater variety of academic disciplines outside their major & minor fields and at the same time reduce the stress of competition with majors & minors in these disciplines, Baldwin Wallace has instituted a "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory" (S/U) grading system. Performance in a course equivalent to the traditional "A+" through "C" level will be considered satisfactory (S), while a "C-" through "F" level of performance will be deemed unsatisfactory (U). Students earning an "S" grade will receive credit toward graduation for the course. A "U" grade will appear on the student's transcript but will not provide credit toward graduation. S/U grades do not affect the student's grade point average (GPA). The S/U option is designed to operate on two levels and may be initiated either by the faculty or by the individual student as stipulated below.

Faculty S/U Option: The S/U option may be used, with the approval of the Curriculum Advisory Board of the College faculty, for those courses in which the department concerned feels that the students taking the course cannot be successfully graded according to the traditional "A+"through "F" system. There is no limit to the number of such courses a student may take.

Student S/U Option: Sophomores, juniors and seniors not on academic probation may also elect a maximum of four credit hours per semester, up to a maximum of 20 credit hours, to be graded on an S/U basis. A student may take any course except those in his major or minor department, those required by his major or minor department and foundation courses LAS 200, ENG 131 and the core MTH course on an S/U basis. All other courses, including the general curriculum requirements, may be taken under the S/U option. If a student declares their major as undecided but, at a later date, majors in the department that was S/U, the professor will be asked to submit a grade and it will be calculated into the GPA. The decision by the student to take a course on this basis must be declared to the registrar by the last day of the fourth week of the term. The student may, within the same period, nullify the election of this option. Students being graded under the S/U option must fulfill all requirements of the course.

The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Course Registration form is now available on line.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.)


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