Registration and Records


Terms of Payment

All College charges and fees are due in full on Friday of the first week of classes. It is suggested that all necessary applications for financial aid assistance be completed prior to the first day of classes. A finance charge will be added to any account balance remaining after the first week of classes. Monthly account statements will assess a finance charge, on any unpaid balance, until the account is paid in full. If full payment cannot be made by the first due date, the student should make alternate arrangements. The Bursar's Office can assist with these arrangements to ensure that the account will be paid in full by the deadline.

For students and parents desiring to pay their educational expenses in monthly installments, a deferred payment program is available through Tuition Management Systems (TMS), a nationwide organization specializing in educational financing. Finance charges are not assessed to students enrolled in good standing in this payment plan. This plan includes insurance for the parent. Tuition, room and board charges can also be handled through this plan. The Cashier's Office has detailed registration information.

Delinquent students will not be allowed to register for the next semester unless full payment of the account has been received prior to the student registration appointment time. Sudents/Families using the monthly payment plan Tuition Management Systems (TMS) must have budgeted enough to have the current semester charges covered by the registration appointment time or the registration will be delayed until payment has been made.  Students who are delinquent in meeting their financial obligations to the College are subject to additional restrictions. Certificates of credit (transcripts) or letters of honorable dismissal will not be issued. Diplomas will not be awarded. Students should contact the Bursar to make arrangements to resolve their delinquent status.


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