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2005-2006 College Core Curriculum Requirements

(Effective for students entering BW Fall 2005 through Summer 2006 )

All students must pursue a course of study sufficiently varied to acquaint them with a broad spectrum of human knowledge.  In doing so, they must also utilize and develop those skills which are essential to success in academic work as well as in one’s personal and professional life.  Each core course provides an opportunity for students to develop their skills in at least two of the following areas:  Research, Ethical Implications of Subject Matter, Problem-Solving, Writing, Oral Communications, and Quantitative Methods.

Liberal Arts Core – Total semester hour credits: 43

Humanities – 15 credit hours, taken from the following:
               Fine Arts –
4 hours from selected courses in Art, Broadcasting, Dance, Literature,
               Music or Theatre (Courses with “F” designation in course number)
               Cultural Heritage – 6 hours from at least two areas–History, Philosophy, Religion
               General Humanities –  5 hours from the Humanities area listed above as well as 
               select courses in Broadcasting, Communication Studies, Foreign Lang. and HUM prefix courses

Mathematics – 3 credit hours
MTH 136 or higher.  Prerequisite:  COL 020 or placement.  Students majoring in Early Childhood Education or Mild/Moderate Educational Needs substitute MTH 111 (4 credits) and MTH 112 (4 credits) for MTH 136.   Students must complete this requirement during their first 3 semesters at BW.Placement determined by ACT or SAT score.  For students with both the ACT and SAT scores, the higher placement will be used.  Students who wish to challenge their ACT or SAT-based placement, as well as students entering Baldwin Wallace University without ACT or SAT test scores, will take a Mathematics Placement Test prior to registration.

     Placement                                                  Placement Scores
MTH 136 or higher             ACT Math of 24 or higher                        SAT Math of 560 or higher
COL 020                              ACT Math of 23 or less                            SAT Math of 559 or less

Exception to Requirement:  Students who received credit for AP Calculus are exempt from the core requirement and will receive credits as follows:
        Score                               Exam                     Credit Hours                          Course Equivalent
        3, 4, 5                                  AB                                   4                                     MTH 141
        3, 4, 5                                  BC                                   8                                    MTH 141, 142

English Composition – 3  credit hours*
ENG 131, Workshop in Exposition and Argument.  Prerequisite:  ENG 111or placement. Students placing into ENG 131 should take it within their first two semesters at BW.  Students testing into ENG 111 should take it during their first semester at BW, and should take ENG 131 no later than their third semester at
Students earn exemption from ENG 131 with appropriate English Challenge test score. Students earn exemption from ENG 111 by appropriate ACT or SAT score; PSO, AP or transfer credit; or through appropriate score on CLEP exam.  Students who believe that they have been placed too low may challenge their placement by writing an essay under supervised conditions at designated times on registration days or during their first semester at BW.

English Composition placement determined by ACT and SAT scores, as follows:
          Placement                                             Placement Scores
           ENG 131                            ACT 24 or above             SAT 550 or above
           ENG 111                            ACT 23 or below             SAT 540 or below

LAS-150 – 3 credit hours
Students must be eligible to take ENG 131 and MTH 136 (or higher) prior to taking LAS 150. LAS 150 may be taken concurrently with ENG 131 and MTH 136 (or higher). Students entering BW meeting the eligibility requirements should take LAS 150 within their first two semesters. All others should take LAS 150 no later than their third semester at BW.

Natural Sciences – 8 core-designated credit hours from at least two areas; one course must include a lab:

Social Sciences – 9 core-designated credit hours from at least two areas:
          Criminal Justice 
          International Studies
          Political Science

Health and Physical Education – 2 credit hour minimum
Students are required to take HPE 110W (Personal Wellness) and to fulfill the remaining HPE requirement with core-designated (W) activity, technique, or health and wellness courses.

All students must take one core course designated as meeting the diversity requirement (D).

International Studies
     Students must fulfill one of the following three options:
     Foreign Language:
     One year of one foreign language excluding Foreign Languages & Literature courses taught in English
     Study Abroad:
     This requirement can be fulfilled by one of the following:
          1. Earning academic credit for at least three courses in an approved study abroad program
          2. Studying at an accredited institution abroad and receiving the equivalent semester hours of credit
          3. Other experiences abroad as approved by the Global Issues Committee.
     Coursework in International Studies  (courses with “I” designation):
     Three courses with no more than two from the same department. Courses that fulfill the International
     Studies requirement meet at least one of the following criteria:
          1. explore international aspects of cultural diversity
          2. explore current global problems
          3. develop competencies in international communications
          4. explore international aspect of political and economic systems

All students must complete a minor. (A second major will also satisfy this requirement).

Letter Designations:
          D= Diversity
          F = Fine Arts
          H = Honors Course
          I  = International Studies
          L =  Lab Science
          W = HPE Core Course

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