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Informal Recreation

Informal recreation is a valuable component of campus life.  The Recreational Sports and Services Department recognized that highly structured programming and competitive play do not meet all recreational needs and interests.  Activities include basketball, racquetball, swimming, jogging/running/walking, weight lifiting, etc.  Facilities will be available for informal recreation when not scheduled for academic classes, team practices, athletic events, or intramural activities.  A specific schedule of these open recreation hours will be printed and made available in the lobby of the Recreation Center in the pamphlet rack.

Student Employment

The Department of Recreational Sports and Services has employment opportunities for over 100 students in a wide variety of part-time positions.  The recreation atmosphere makes it one of the most enjoyable and interesting places to work on campus.  Without reliable and conscientious student employees, the quality of the Recreational Sports and Services would be substantially diminished. 

We must abide by the college policy of hiring only those studnets who have work study in their financial aid packaged.  However, after we have exhausted our pool of work study students, we are permitted to hire non-work study students, but only after the 4th week of any semester.  The only exception to this policy is any position requiring credentials or prior experience, such as lifeguards, aerobic and hydro-aerobic instructors, and intramural officials or supervisors, in which we may hird non-work study students as we see necessary, when no work study students are available.  Click below for complete list of employment opportunities.

Click here for Employment Opportunities

Sports Clubs

Recreational Sports and Services sponsors several sport clubs including the Outdoor Club, Racquetball Club, Martial Arts Club, Ski Club, Volleyball Club, LaCrosse Club, Waterpolo Club, Hockey Club, Archery Club, Coed Soccer Club, and Scuba Club.  They are open to any student, faculty or staff member with an interest in the activity.  If you are interested in joining one of these clubs, please contact the Recreational Sports and Service office.

Wellness Programming

This is an ongoing program of activities and instructional classes designed to educated our faculty and staff on how to live a healthy life style. 

Weight Training

This program will instruct participants in the proper techniques necessary for using our fitness center weight training equipment.  Participants will become proficient in the use of Nautilus and Universal Equipment.


This clinic includes demonstrations, discussions and practice sessions on how to play the game, selecting a racquet, basic strokes and serves, rules and regulations and basic strategy.


This program will give demonstrations and lectures on topic areas such as improving your swing, driving and short game.

Outdoor Recreation

Our outdoor recreation services are designed to encourage students, faculty and staff to develop a greater appreciation of nature by providing outdoor recreation opportunities.  Recreational Sports and Services provides outdoor activities, equipment rentals and information on planning trips.

Outdoor Recreation Activities

In cooperation with the outdoor activities club, we offer programs each term such as canoeing, whitewater rafting, camping, scuba diving and skiing.  Prior to each event, we post notices and send flyers out with more specific information on the activity, such as date, cost, transportation, etc., throughout the campus community.  Reservations for these scheduled outdoor programs may then be made in person at the office.  Student fees provide some monies making these trips more affordable for BW students.

Outdoor Recreation Equipment Loans

A limited amount of outdoor recreation equipment is available for loan and can be checked out with a Baldwin Wallace ID card at the Recreational Sports and Services office Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Please give 24 hours notice when requesting equipment.

Leisure Recreation Programs

The following are non-credit courses developed for the specific purpose of improving and maintaining the physical fitness of our students, faculty/staff and their spouses.  Sessions generally last anywhere from six to ten weeks and are instructed by highly qualified persons in each activity.  Information on these programs will be mailed on campus and posted in the recreation center display case.

Aerobic Classes

These sessions combine the health benefits of aerobics, the toning benefits of exercise, the exhiliration of moving rhythmically to music as a bonus, and the fun of exercising with friends.
Check the aerobics class schedule for days and times.

Water Aerobics

Aerobic exercises are practiced in waist or chest deep water.  It is not necessary to be a swimmer to participate.  Water Aerobics involves the same benefits as regular aerobic exercise and is much easier on the joints.
Check the aerobics class schedule for days and times.

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