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Fitness and Leisure Education Programs

The Baldwin Wallace University Recreational Sports and Services Department offers a number of non-credit Group Fitness/Aerobic Classes.  The classes are developed for the specific purpose of improving and maintaining the physical fitness of BW students, faculty,staff and their spouses.  Class schedules are updated each semester and are taught by qualified instructors.   A current schedule can be found at: http://www.bw.edu/resources/reccenter/schedules/aerobic/
Pilates combines strengthening and toning positions that are held for set amounts of time.  Pilates is a great workout that involves a lot of floor work.  We recommend you bring a yoga/pilates mat to class.  Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.  The class is designed for beginners to advanced and the instructor does a fabulous job of providing feedback to improve your posture and body position and optimize your class experience.

two students demonstrate a yoga pose

Yoga provides a great mind-body workout.  Learn positions to help strengthen your body and leave the class feeling refreshed.  Yoga has a lot of floor work so we recommend a mat for class.  Wear comfortable clothing and join our instructor on your way to increased strength, flexibility and low stress.  All levels are welcome from beginner to advance.

Water Aerobics
Water Aerobics is done in the pool.  No swimming background is needed.  Half of the class is done in chest deep water for a great cardio workout without raising the heart rate as high as you would on land.  The last half of the class is done in the deep end with the aid of water jogging belts.  The deep water workout concentrates on toning especially targeting the core.  Water Aerobics is a great way to accomplish some cross training as well as being kind to the joints.

Boot Camp
Boot Camp is a high impact class that includes several toning, strengthening and cardio exercises to give you a terrific workout.  The instructor is motivating and will not let you give up.  Be prepared to burn calories in this class while improving your strength and endurance.  The class is suitable for all levels, but not recommended for those with joint injuries.

Try this ultimate class for a great workout.  We provide the bags, focus mitts and gloves.  You show up and work hard.  The class offers some great cross training to spice up your traditional workout.  The instructor is like your personal trainer offering motivation, tips and a great workout with toning, cardio and interval sets all packed in 60 minutes.  This is well worth the effort.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling is done on the bikes in the weight room.  An instructor leads the class through several levels while providing feedback and assistance.  This great cardio workout is an alternative to your typical cardio regimen.  Biking is a beneficial way to tone and burn calories.  Participation in the class is on a first come basis because of the limited number of bikes available. 

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