Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make small purchases or renew memberships?

Small purchases are defined as purchases of goods and services less than $100. These purchases can be made by filling out a requisition using the finance side of the form. Small purchases would include advances, subscriptions, memberships, dues, stipends, honorarium and misc. payments of any amount. Submit the white and yellow copy of the requisition and supporting documents to the Finance Office in the Bonds Administration Building.

What is a Blanket Purchase Order?

Blanket Purchase Orders are purchase orders used for frequently made purchases. They are valid for a specific period of time (which is our fiscal year) and are issued by the Purchasing Department. When placing an order you will need to reference the Blanket Purchase Order Number along with the Requisition Number (the red number on the upper right hand corner of your requisition form).

Blanket Purchase Orders require less paperwork for the Department, Vendor, Purchasing and Finance. A list of our Blanket Purchase Orders can be obtained from the Purchasing Department.

Can I make purchases on the internet?

Purchases can be made on the Internet to secure sites only. These purchases usually require a credit card. You can use your own credit card and get reimbursed or contact the Purchasing Department for other options.

When do I need to use a purchase order?

Purchases over $100 will require a purchase order. The requisition should be forwarded to the Purchasing Department to create a Purchase Order. Specific instruction should be given as to how to proceed with the order once the Purchase Order is created. Write in the special comments section instructions on how to proceed with the order.

Does the Purchasing Department have any credit cards, membership cards, tax exempt cards available to use?

The Purchasing Department has the following cards available for departments to use. They consist of: Best Buy, BJ's, Lowe's, Office Depot, Office Max, Sam's Club, Sears, Staples and Walmart. The cards are signed out and returned to the Purchasing Department after you make your purchase.

Where do we ship our orders ?

All orders are shipped to Baldwin Wallace University, Central Receiving Department, 400 North Rocky River Drive, Berea, Ohio 44017. Please have packages addressed to the attention of the person and department where it will need to be delivered.

What if I need to return an order?

If you need to return an order, contact the supplier. They may need to issue you a return of goods number (some vendors require this). Ask for the correct return address for where to return the goods. Discuss who will be responsible for the return freight charges and ask if a credit or replacement will be issued. It is important to document the name and phone number of the person you spoke with.

Contact the Purchasing Department about the return. They will fill out a Return Authorization Form and send it to the Bookstore.

Send the goods that need to be returned to the Bookstore and they will ship them back to the supplier. Contact Accounts Payable about the return and they will make sure the proper credit is applied.

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