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 Bi-Weekly Payroll

The Bi-Weekly Time Report is used for those employees on the Bi-Weekly Payroll whose hours are not submitted via a Worksheet through their Supervisors.  Please be sure to complete all information requested on the form.  A completed form will expedite the processing of the time report.

Hours worked each day should be entered under the "Worked" column.  For those employees receiving Benefit Hours, please record hours taken for Sick, Vacation and Holiday in the appropriate columns.  The Misc. column is used for Jury Duty, Bereavement, or a day awarded by the College that does not fall under Vacation or Holiday. 

Please note the section below the total line for hours to be charged to other than the "home" account number. 

Overtime is paid for any hours worked over 40 per week.  A space is included for the Overtime Account Number, which is the home number altered to end with a "06".  Enter hours on a day-by-day basis to ensure the accuracy of reporting Sick, Vacation and Holiday hours. 

Please crossfoot totals in each column to the Grand Total.  Both employee and supervisor must sign and date where indicated.  

A BiWeekly Time Report form is found on our Payroll forms page.

Monthly Payroll

Payroll Wage Request - Multiple Payments and Payroll Wage Request - Single Payments are self-explanatory and are used by Department Heads.  All Payroll Wage Request require a Vice-Presidents approval. Payroll Wage Request forms can be found on our Payroll forms page. myBw

Payroll Schedules



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