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Employment Forms

Federal regulations require that all new employees complete the following forms.  (Forms are fill-in PDF forms, and are accessed through Adobe Acrobat Reader)

W-4 is the Federal Income Tax Withholding form.  When completing this form, the employee's name and social security number should be identical to the number shown on the employee's Social Security Card.  The Earnings Statement (pay stub) will reflect the current W-4 status.  Please see W-4 form instructions for further information.  A few helpful tools are located on the IRS Web site, a IRS Withholding Calculator and How Do I Adjust My Tax Withholding? 

 I-9 is the Department of Homeland Security Employment Verification form.  A new employee should complete Section 1 (through "Employee Signature") only.  The hiring department must verify and complete the remainder of the form.  The most common forms to be used as verification for the I-9 form are the State-issued Driver's License, the original Social Security card, or a Certified copy of the Birth Certificate (must include an official seal).  Complete instructions will be found on Page 1 and Page 3 of the I-9 form information.

 IT-4 is the State of Ohio Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate.  Please note:  the information pertaining to "Public School District of Residence" and "School District No." (located below the address line) must also be completed.  A complete listing of Ohio School Districts can be found by clicking Ohio School District Report.


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