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Baldwin Wallace University Parking Regulations 2011-2012

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REGISTRATION - Parking Permits

All students and employees who operate motor vehicles on campus must register their vehicles with the Parking Services Office, located in Bonds Hall, Room 119. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to noon, 1:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Friday until 5:00 p.m.

A new parking permit must be obtained under the following conditions:

  • Upon first becoming affiliated with the College and every subsequent academic year.
  • When parking permit is lost or stolen.

When any change in license or vehicle occurs, the Parking Services Office (440-826-2333) must be notified.

Use of Permit

Permits are not transferable between persons. Parking permits are the property of Baldwin Wallace University and are valid only for the individual use of active students and employees and are void if transferred between persons. The person in whose name the parking permit is registered is responsible for all violations issued to that permit number and/or registered vehicles unless reported lost or stolen.

Display permit in the lower left corner, driver's side windshield so the permit number is clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Not valid if improperly displayed. Permits are static cling only, no adhesive. Customers who move their permit from one vehicle to another may require clear plastic pouches for permit display. These pouches safely adhere to the windshield and can be removed and applied repeatedly. Pouches are available in Parking Services at a nominal cost.

Vehicles bearing defaced, altered, lost or stolen permits will be towed. Parties in possession of such permits will be ticketed for illegal permit use.

Please Note: limited parking prohibits the use of campus parking facilities for vehicle storage or possession of more than one vehicle.

Lost or stolen permits: If your parking permit is lost or stolen, contact Parking Services immediately. A written report form must be filed in order to appeal ticket(s) issued related to the loss and to receive a replacement permit. The fee for a replacement permit is $20.

Please Note: Lost or stolen parking permits, including handicap permits, will be reported to the parking and security officers. All vehicles, including registered vehicles of former owner of lost/stolen permit, displaying lost/stolen permits will be towed. Those responsible for displaying or possessing lost or stolen permits are subject to automatic sanction. Parking permits reported lost or stolen are invalid even if found. 

Temporary permits
Temporary permits for students and employees are available only through the Parking Office.

Automatic Sanction - Illegal Permit Use

Use/Transfer Fraudulent Registration: Parking permits, including handicap permits, are not transferable between persons. The automatic sanction for fraudulent registration, transfer to/between members of the BW community and alteration, reproduction or illegal use of a parking permit, including handicap permit, is towing and $200 fine for all participating students or employees.

Parking Assignments

Temporary and special parking permits are issued by the Parking Services Office as necessary, and are valid only in the lot specified at time of issue.

There are a small number of RESERVED parking places on campus. These areas are clearly marked and are to be used by designated persons only. All others will be towed. There are a number of lots that are too small to be listed on the parking map that are for assigned residents only. These lots are signed accordingly. Check vehicles daily to avoid multiple violations.

Campus parking regulations and lot assignments, based on permit type, apply at all times. Rare exceptions will be confirmed by campus-wide e-mail from Parking Services only.

Motorcycles must be registered as motor vehicles for a parking permit. A sticker will be issued and should be affixed on or near the rear fender or on the back of the side mirror. Motorcycles may be parked only in spaces designated for motor vehicles.

Bicycles are encouraged for use on campus.  Bicycles must be secured at bike racks only and should be locked at all times.  Securing bikes to trees, posts, handrails or other public areas is hazardous to pedestrians, particularly those with impaired sight or mobility and could result in serious injury.  Bikes stored in an unsafe manner, anywhere other than bike racks, may be removed.  Contact the Department of Safety and Security at 440-826-2336 for information.

Handicap Parking

Handicapped parking spaces are reserved close to access ramps and building entrances. BW students and employees may use state-issued handicap permits or College-issued temporary handicap permits in conjunction with BW parking permits only. The College verifies registered owners of College and state-issued handicap permits and may require a copy of the registration card provided by the BMV to all state handicap permit owners. All permits, including handicap permits, are valid only for the individual use of the registered owner. Transfer, alteration, reproduction or illegal use of all parking permits, including handicap permits, is permit fraud. Please note automatic sanction for illegal permit use /transfer and fraudulent registration.


Visitor permits are required for those attending conferences and other campus events requiring long term parking. Conference coordinators are responsible for distribution of visitor permits. Visitor permits may be obtained at the Parking Services Office, Bonds Administration Building, Room 119.

Guests of students may park in Student lots and need not obtain a visitor permit. Guests who receive parking citations for unregistered vehicles should follow the instructions on the parking citation. All tickets must be signed by the BW student visited and sent to the Parking Services Office. The College reserves the right to limit guest parking during peak class time.

Please Note: vehicles with violations in employee, reserved, no overnight parking or safety violation may be towed.


Campus Escort Service

Escort service is available at any time for the safety of anyone on campus, particularly during the evening hours. Dial x2000 from any campus phone, advise the dispatcher of your location and destination. A Student Auxiliary will be dispatched to your location to accompany you to any campus building or parking lot.


It is impractical to sign all areas of College property where parking is prohibited. Parking or driving is prohibited on grass plots, construction areas or where it will mar landscaping, create a safety hazard, interfere with the use of College facilities or hinder the free movement of traffic. Any area of campus which has been closed by use of barricades or traffic control devices shall not be entered by any unauthorized vehicle. Violation of any of the above may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

Street Parking, City of Berea

  • There is no parking on the fire hydrant side of the street.
  • There is no overnight street parking in the city of Berea (3 -6 a.m.).
  • Check street signs carefully for parking designation or restrictions.
  • Respect Berea residents' property. Do not obstruct driveways or park or walk on private property.
  • Tickets issued by the City of Berea may be paid or appealed at Berea City Hall only.


The Parking Services Office is authorized to impose fines and/or sanctions for violation of these regulations, cause the removal of vehicles in violation at operator or owners expense, refer the matter to disciplinary action or any combination thereof. There is no parking:

  • Against the flow of traffic
  • In crosswalks and driveways
  • On sidewalks or grass
  • In a handicapped space without a handicapped permit
  • In a blue curb zone (handicap access)
  • Blocking another vehicle
  • Outside of assigned area
  • In a red curb zone

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are subject to removal and impoundment at the expense of the owner or operator. The term abandonment, as it relates to motor vehicles parked on property owned or leased by the College, is defined by any of the following conditions:

  • Any vehicle which has not been moved for 72 hours and whose owner or other claimant is unknown or unavailable to the Parking Services Office.
  • Any vehicle on which current license tags are not displayed.
  • Any vehicle which has not been moved for 72 hours due to any inoperative or wrecked condition.

All parking citations must be acknowledged. Citations are entered into a computerized tracking system. Repeat offenses may result in towing of the vehicle.

High Priority Red Curb Zones

The following areas are designated high priority red curb zones:

  • Driveway behind Constitution Hall
  • Driveway from Beech Street to North lot
  • Driveway between Bonds and Kamm Hall
  • Driveway between Ritter Library and Malicky Center for Social Sciences

Vehicles may not park or stop here even for a few minutes. No waiting period will apply. Fine for parking in these areas is $100 for the first violation. Second violation will result in a $100 fine and towing.

15-Minute Parking Spaces

Fifteen-minute parking spaces are located near each of the high priority red curb zones for short-term parking needs. These spaces are available to guests, employees and students with permits that are valid for parking in all student lots.


Fines for parking violations:

  • No parking permit, improperly displayed, unauthorized lot, posted or reserved space, other - $15

Fines for safety violations:

  • Obstructing drive/walk, double parked, loading zone, Union lot red curb zone - $25
  • Parking in/blocking handicapped access without appropriate permit - $50
  • Parking, stopping or standing in a high priority red curb zone - $100

Fines are payable at the Cashier's Office in Bonds Hall. Please tell the cashier that payment is for parking fines, otherwise it will be credited to the general bill. All funds collected through violations of the parking regulations will be deposited in the Baldwin Wallace Scholarship Fund.

Cashier's Office - 440-826-2217 - Bonds Hall, 1st floor


Parking Services will grant only one "courtesy appeal" for a parking violation ($15 fine) per academic year, upon request, issued to any student or employee with a valid BW parking permit, for any reason.  All other appeals follow the process outlined below.

If you feel a citation was issued in error, you may appeal the citation in writing within 10 days of issue.  If extraordinary circumstances are a factor, provide supporting documentation.  The Parking Services Office will review the written appeals, eliminating submissions that cite invalid reasons.  Qualifying appeals are reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee.  The Committee is a peer review which bases their decision on the circumstances of the appeal and violations history of the appellant.  Decisions are relayed via BW email.  The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

The following are NOT valid reasons for appeal: 1) ignorance of/disagreement with regulations; 2) no recollection of citation; 3) lack of parking close to destination; 4) lateness of arrival, inconvenience, lack of time involved; 5) inability to pay; 6) improper parking by others.


ALL vehicles, including unregistered and guest vehicles, may be automatically towed for the following violations:

  • blocking access, in any way, to fire hydrants, sidewalks, doors, reserved service parking or dumpsters
  • double parked or obstructing free access of another vehicle
  • parking on grass or anywhere outside a lined parking space that may impair public safety or damage property

The schedule of towing charges are as follows:

  • Cars: $90 plus storage charge of $12 per day
  • Trucks: $150 plus storage charge of $20 per day
  • Road call: tow in progress; charge varies by service

Towed vehicles may be recovered 24 hours a day by showing proof of ownership and making payment of towing and storage charges to:

Charlieļæ½s Towing Service / 20389 First Avenue
Middleburg Hts., Ohio / Phone: 440-234-5300

Drive slowly through campus lots.  Slow is the only way to go.  Lots can be very busy at any time of the day.  For your safety and that of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, drive slowly at all times.

If you have questions about parking or are interested in participating on the Parking Committee,
please contact us at: Parking Services, Bonds Hall, Room 119

Phone: 440/826-2333



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