Mail Center


Baldwin Wallace Mail Center

Bonds Administration Building
275 Eastland Road
Berea, OH  44017

Phone:  (440) 826-2337
Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

The BW Mail Center processes outgoing first class and bulk mailings for campus departments along with handling distribution of incoming mail and small packages.  Student mail received from the Post Office is distributed to campus residences by student employees; packages are kept in Bonds for pick-up by returning a claim ticket which is delivered to their resident mailbox.

The Mail Center can help with overnight express, international, certified and discounted mailings.  For more information, please contact one of the individuals listed below:

Guy Grame (440) 826-2337

Cory Smith (440) 826-2486

Owen Paradis  (440) 826-2901 

Paula Poultney (440) 826-3536

Other Numbers to Know:

Berea Post Office (440) 243-3131

United Parcel Service  (440) 826-2570 or (800) 742-5877

Federal Express (800) 463-3339  
(800) 247-4747 (International)                                                                   

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