Information Technology


Survey Manager Policy

The Survey Manager Tool is available to BW faculty and staff for BW business and for BW students and/or student groups who are completing course requirements or gathering appropriate data.

To request a Survey Manager account, use the online Web form located at  

Any account requestor is responsible for the content in the survey(s) they create.  The IT Department will not monitor surveys, however, if a question of appropriateness arises, the CIO will authorize the disabling of the account in question until an investigation is performed and the matter is resolved.

Those using the survey tool for the purpose of research also need to seek approval from BW's HSRB (Human Subjects Review Board).  This includes cases where data will be used after it has been collected (available data research).

Survey accounts established for students or student groups will have a duration time of one semester, after which the accounts will be deleted.  Requests for time extensions on any student accounts may be submitted to the CIO and are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty and Staff account holders are expected to do routine maintenance with survey data they have collected in the Survey Manager program.  Surveys that have expired or have no future historic value should be deleted as soon as possible.  Survey data results can easily be downloaded into Excel, SPSS, etc., and saved on the users' local or network drive rather than on the Survey Manager server.

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