Information Technology


Computer Service Level Agreement for Student Organizations

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is between BW student organizations (under the leadership of the Student Government) and the Information Technology (IT) Department.  This Agreement covers the purchase and support of computer hardware, software, and peripherals, as well as computer security and access issues, e-mail, and network file storage.

1.    Hardware and Peripheral Purchases
       a.       Computers and peripherals obtained with student organization funds must be purchased 
                  through IT in order to receive technical support.
       b.       The Treasurer of the Student Government must submit written approval to IT for any student organization computer or peripheral purchase.
       c.       IT will work with the student organization to configure the system appropriately after the
                 organization submits a request in writing (e-mail permissible) and includes a valid account

2.    Hardware and Peripheral Support
       a.       Hardware and peripheral support will only be provided for equipment purchased through IT.
       b.       IT will diagnose and repair problems; the student organization will pay for parts.

3.    Software Purchases
       a.       In order to obtain educational site licensing prices (discounts), all productivity software
                  packages for University-owned student organization computers must be purchased through IT.
       b.       Student organizations must possess a valid license for each software package installed on their system, regardless of whether it was purchased by IT or by the organization.
       c.       IT will retain software media so it is available for re-load when necessary.

4.    Software Support
       a.       IT will provide operating system support including reload of the operating system.
       b.       IT will provide assistance with productivity software for IT supported packages that are part
                 of the standard load.
       c.       Only software purchased through IT or included on a purchased system will be re-loaded.  

5.    Computer Security, Computer Access, E-Mail, and Network Storage
       a.       IT will work with the student organization leader to configure system security.
       b.       Only one e-mail account per student organization is permitted.
       c.       All new requests for e-mail accounts, data storage on the network file system, and/or
                 restriction of access to a computer(s) must be made by the President of the Student Senate or the student organization's faculty/staff advisor in writing and submitted to the CIO.
     Subsequent changes to a student organization's e-mail account, computer access, or shared files will be handled in the same manner.
       d.       Student organizations are encouraged to store data files in the My Documents folder which is the primary file system and most easily re-installed when necessary.
       e.       Student organizations are responsible for backing up all files on external media (CD, or USB drive) or on the network storage system (quota = 25MB per organization).

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