Information Technology


E-Mail Policy for Retired Employees

Any employee of Baldwin Wallace University who ends their employment through retirement will be offered the benefit of retaining their BW e-mail account for life.  To take advantage of this option, the retiring employee must formally request the continuation of his or her e-mail account during the exit interview conducted by Human Resources. 

Retiree accounts will be afforded the following privileges:
  • Continuation of their current BW e-mail address
  • Access to (receive/send) the following BW electronic mailing lists:  BW-Info, BW-Personal 
Retiree accounts will NOT include access to the following electronic resources:
  • Colleague
  • Blackboard
  • BW-Faculty and/or BW-Staff electronic mailing lists
  • H:drive and S:drive on the BW network
  • VPN
If, at any point in time following an employee's retirement, the e-mail account becomes inactive for a period of six months, the account will then be terminated.
Any BW retiree who chooses to retain their e-mail account must continue to uphold the expectations set forth in the Baldwin Wallace University Community Standards of Conduct policy.  Any misuse of the electronic mailing lists will be grounds for immediate cancellation of the account.
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