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Printing Policy

Baldwin Wallace University supports a print quota for students using the BW computer labs.  Print quotas are intended to help promote environmental responsibility through waste reduction, discourage unnecessary printing, and provide free printing services to meet the needs of most students.  Printers in the BW computer labs are for academic purposes.

Each registered student is given a reasonable printing allowance for a specified amount of free printing.  For each of the fall and spring semesters, full-time students (registered for 12+ credit hours) receive a $25.00 credit and part-time students (registered for 1-11 credit hours) receive a $15.00 credit.  Any student registered for summer classes receives a $15.00 credit.  The credit can be used for black & white printing, color printing, or any combination of those services.  The per-page charge is deducted from a declining balance each time a student prints in the lab. 

Current rates for BW computer labs are:

  • $.05/per page for black and white printing (single-sided or double-sided)
  • $.40/per page for color printing (single sided only available)

Duplex printing (both sides of the paper) counts as only one printed sheet, thereby potentially increasing a student's printing allowance.  Duplex printers are available for black & white printing only and are located in the following labs on campus: 

  • Math & Computer Science Computer Labs (Rooms 132/133) - open 24/7
  • Kamm Hall Computer Lab (Room 137)
  • Kleist Art & Drama Center (Room 128)
  • Malicky Center Lab (Room 120)
  • Malicky Center Lab (Room 220)                
  • Malicky Center Community Research Institute Lab (basement)
  • Marting Lab (basement, Room B19)
  • Rec Center Lab
  • Ritter Library Main Floor Lab (red printer)
  • Ritter Library FSCS Lab (2nd Floor)
  • BW East (2nd Floor)

Wireless printing is also available.  To download the specific print drivers, click here.

Any student who exceeds the specified limit of free printing during a semester will be charged the per-page amount for each additional page printed.   Overage charges are deducted from any available funds on the student's Jacket Express account.  If no funds are available, charges will be posted to the student's monthly STARS billing statement. 

Unused credit balances remaining at the end of a semester are NOT carried over to the next semester and no cash value is refunded.  Students can monitor their print usage at any time by selecting the 'My BW Printing Activity Report' module on the Blackboard intranet portal. 

Members of the BW faculty and staff do not receive a printing allowance for the labs.  If a faculty or staff member utilizes the lab facilities, charges (per rates listed above) will be billed to their department.  It is then at the discretion of the department head if this printing was authorized and will be paid for with departmental funds or whether the faculty/staff member is responsible for reimbursing the department for the charges.

Student Organizations do not receive a printing allowance for the labs.  Organizations need to utilize the BW Print Shop for their bulk printing needs. 

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