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One of the most common methods a hacker would use to compromise the BW campus network would be to steal a user's password.  This is a form of identity theft.  This is why password security is one of the single most important issues that we emphasize.  Password carelessness or utilizing a weak password is like leaving the key in the front door!  

To protect your individual security, as well as the integrity of the BW network, select a password that is sufficiently robust by using a minimum of 8 characters, mixing upper and lower case letters, numeric digits, and punctuation.   Never use any of the following as your password:  your user ID, your nickname, the name of your partner, child, or pet, your address or birth date, or a common word from the English dictionary (password programs will often reject these).
Never share your password with others or allow anyone to watch while you type your password.  Always lock your computer when it is unattended.  Never write down your password or keep it in an accessible file on your computer.  And don't forget to change your password frequently!
Keep in mind that you will NEVER be asked to divulge your password to a member of the College or the HelpDesk staff (either verbally or via e-mail), so don't be fooled by fraudulent requests.

To obtain your user name or set/change your password, please visit:

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