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Network Accounts


All students, faculty, and staff of Baldwin Wallace University, both full time and part time, are issued an account for e-mail and accessing the campus network and the Internet.  The responsibilities accompanying the privilege of BW network access must positively reflect both the legal obligations and integrity of the College as a service provider in the Internet community.  The Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources policy describes these obligations.  Acceptance of this policy is required for activation of such accounts and takes place during the initial login.  

How do I get a network account?

  • New faculty and staff receive a packet from I.T. in the mail containing account information prior to their start date.
  • Undergraduate students are typically issued an account upon payment of their deposit to BW and will receive a letter in the mail with their login information.
  • MBA students receive new account instructions when they attend orientation (or by mail for those who do not attend in person).
  • Adult and Continuing Education students, as well as Graduate Education students, receive a letter in the mail with their account information following acceptance to BW. 

Computer network accounts (User IDs) for faculty and staff contain a maximum of 8 letters.  In most cases, this will be the first initial of the first name followed by the first 7 letters in the last name.  For more common names that may already be in use, the first and middle initial are used along with up to 6 letters in the last name.  Student accounts have the year of entry to BW added at the end of their user ID (Ex: gwhashing10). 

A temporary password is assigned when accounts are created. These passwords are good for the first network login and should be changed once network access is obtained. Users are encouraged to choose “strong” passwords by using upper & lower case letters, numeric digits, punctuation, and a minimum of 8 characters. Always maintain and protect the security and integrity of your accounts: never share any of your passwords with others!   

BW network accounts provide access to many computer-related services on campus besides the Internet:  MS Outlook E-Mail (faculty & staff), Outlook Live E-Mail (students), Blackboard, the Yellow Jacket Portal, WebExpress registration, printing in computer labs, network file storage space, the Bookstore*, and Ritter Library*(*separate login and password required for these sites).  

Guests of the College, including faculty, staff, or students from other universities, may request permission to use the Internet, campus network, or utilize a BW e-mail account during their visit by completing a Guest Account Form.  All requests must be supported and signed by an administrator or department chair and then forwarded to the CIO for final approval.  All requests must include a start date and end date and can be granted for a period of up to one year.  

Beginning with the Fall semester of 2009, e-mail accounts for all BW students have the option to be kept for life and will not be terminated upon graduation.   Faculty and staff accounts are closed within 30 days after termination of employment.   Emeriti faculty and staff members who retire from the College may petition the CIO to retain their BW account upon retirement; however, inactivity of the account for more than eight months will result in cancellation.

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