Information Technology


Faculty/Staff Computer Replacement Program

BW provides a desktop or laptop computer to every full-time administrator, faculty member, and staff member appropriate to their computing needs.  All computers are purchased and distributed by the Information Technology Department with funds from the Computer Capital Budget.  Some administrative or staff positions at the College are approved to receive a laptop computer instead of a desktop model.  Typically, these positions require a significant amount of movement between campus offices or frequent off-campus travel.  Allocations to part-time employees are handled on an individually-determined basis.  

The IT Department at BW does not automatically upgrade desktop computers on a pre-determined replacement cycle.  IT maintains a comprehensive database of campus-wide computer specifications and replaces computers when they are no longer sufficiently effective for the position.  Primarily, IT relies on department chairs/supervisors to request an equipment upgrade or replacement.  Often, IT will suggest or schedule an upgrade or replacement of an older computer even prior to a department's request.  

Individual departments should make all requests for computers, upgrades, and software via the Computer Capital Budget request process which begins in November each year.  Upgrades are typically approved (funding permitted) in the following instances:

  • The current computer is not working properly and repair is not advisable
  • The computer no longer meets the needs of the position

In some cases, the upgrade will not be a newly purchased unit, but a recycled computer from another user or computer lab.  Nevertheless, the upgraded computer will be of sufficient specification to meet the current and projected needs of that position.  Delivery of new or upgraded equipment begins in the summer with computer labs and faculty computers. 

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