I.D. Office



All faculty and staff may obtain a BW I.D. card through the I.D. Office. Prior to receiving your Jacket Express card, the I.D. Office must receive confirmation of employment from Human Resource.  A signature and a valid photo I.D. (i.e., drivers license) must be provided to receive the I.D. card. 

Baldwin Wallace University has an excellent cultural program, including nationally known speakers, concerts, drama productions, art exhibits and athletic events.  Most of these are free to BW faculty and staff, or there is a reduced charge for many on presentation of your BW I.D. card.  The card should be carried at all times and must be presented upon request or to use various facilities on campus.

Faculty and staff may opt to have a Jacket Express (debit/credit) Account which is accessed via the employee's BW I.D. card.  Once your account is activated, your card becomes a purchasing card for your spending on campus.   The account cannot be opened until the employee's start date.  Contact the I.D. Office for more details and account information.

An employee or anyone can now obtain a "BW Stinger" debit/visa card by contacting PNC bank located on Bagley Road in Berea, Ohio for details.


Faculty and staff's spouse or children may obtain a Family I.D. card to use at some campus events or the Lou Higgins Recreation Center. The Employee Application for Family Member will need to be filled out and turned in to the I.D. Office. There is a charge for the I.D. card.  Cards not active over a two-year period will be deactivated.  Contact the BW I.D. Office for details and to schedule an appointment to receive a spouse or child I.D. card.

Faculty and staff have an I.D. card, but do not receive a student I.D. card if taking a class.  Faculty and staff's spouse and children may have a student I.D. card when taking a class at BW and a family I.D. card when they are no longer a student.  Only one I.D. card can be active at any given time.

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