Disability Services


Accommodated Testing

Students with documented disabilities who are eligible for accommodated testing may request to have their tests proctored in the Accommodated Testing Room at the Learning Center.  The documentation must warrant the accommodation.  Accommodated test requests must be made to Disability Services for Students and the professor in a timely manner as described in the Letter of Accommodation, or LOA. 

Accommodations for testing may include extended time, use of a word processor for written exams, a scribe, a reader or a reduced distraction test environment.  Again, not all students are eligible for all of these accommodations and they are determined on an individual, case by case basis as dictated by the documentation. 

Students who wish to have their tests accommodated in the Testing Room should submit their request in the time frame outlined in their Letter of Accommodation.  The link to submit their request is emailed to students with their username and password.  This link is also available in the DSS Blackboard site.  Please be advised:  Same day requests for accommodated testing will not be approved.  We also cannot guarantee a private testing room. 

Upon receipt of the request, DSS will send an email confirmation of the test request to the student and faculty member.  Faculty will receive an Accommodated Test Form which provides DSS with proctoring information, test receipt and test return.   

We do not proctor make-up examinations. 


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