Disability Services

Disability Services for Students
Alsace Toure
Director of Disability Services for Students
Location: Ritter Library, 2nd Floor
Phone: (440) 826-2147
Email: disability@bw.edu
Confidential Fax: (440) 826-3832

Guidelines for Members of the BW Community

To ensure equal access and nondiscrimination of people with disabilities, members of the BW community must abide by the following practices:

  • Allow service animals to accompany people with disabilities on campus;
  • Do not ask for details about a person's disabilities;
  • Do not pet a service animal, as it distracts the animal from its work;
  • Do not feed a service animal;
  • Do not deliberately startle, tease or taunt a service animal; and
  • Do not separate or attempt to separate a person from his/her service animal

If you have a disability that may be affected by the presence of animals, please contact Disability Services for Students.  BW is committed to ensuring that the needs of all people with disabilities are met and will determine how to resolve any conflicts or problems as expeditiously as possible. 

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