Disability Services


Reduced Course Load

For some students with disabilities, the requirement of having to enroll full time (12-18 credits) can be a barrier toward achieving success in their educational, personal and professional goals.  We recognize some students may benefit from a reduced course load (1 to 11 credits) because of the severe nature of their disability.   Disability Services for Students (DSS) and the Financial Aid Office have collaborated to create a Financial Aid Policy for students whose disability warrants a reduced course load. 

The student must request as an accommodation a reduced course load each semester as the accommodation is not automatic.  Up-to-date documentation may be required by DSS each semester.  We strongly recommend that students make their request at least two weeks before the start of each semester.  Requests will not be considered after the add/drop deadline. 

Students should follow the same process required to Get Connected with Disability Services for Students.  Non-disability related factors will not be considered as primary reasons for a reduced course load.  These include: curricular activities, employment, failure to utilize academic accommodations and campus resources, lack of academic preparation and poor class attendance, etc. 

Approval does not grant extended time for degree completion or acceptance of out of date credits.  Students must also make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree at BW. 

Students who are approved for reduced course load should meet with their academic advisors to discuss/formulate their Graduation Plan, and University degree completion requirements.  In addition, students need to schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid Officer to discuss their revised award letter and possible changes to their BW aid package.    

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