Disability Services


Personal Care Attendant Policy & Procedure

Baldwin Wallace University is committed to ensuring that all qualified students with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services so that they may access BW programs, services and activities.  BW makes every reasonable effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 

Students with disabilities who need assistance with daily living activities or nursing care within a residential setting, should retain the services of a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). A PCA provides personal care or assistance in daily living activities, such as dressing, transferring to and from a wheelchair, feeding, personal hygiene and navigating the campus.  PCA services may facilitate higher levels of independent access and participation in BW programs, services and activities.  BW does not provide, coordinate or assume financial responsibility for PCA services. 

The services of a PCA can play an important role in a student's quality of life. The selection of the right agency or individual and ongoing effective communication with the PCA is critical for a successful experience. Students who require personal attendant services must make arrangements to secure PCA and must follow the policies, procedures and guidelines set forth below.

Student's Responsibility

  • Follow all applicable BW policies, rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Complete the Accommodated Housing Application and submit appropriate verification to Disability Services for Students that supports the medical necessity of a PCA.
  • Secure an agency-affiliated or private, certified PCA prior to attending any university-related activity (i.e. placement testing, enrollment, class attendance).  BW will not be responsible for providing a PCA on an interim basis.
  • Provide documentation that the PCA is qualified to perform the services.
  • Ensure that the PCA registers with Disability Services for Students, the Department of Safety & Security, Residence Life and Health Services. 
  • Provide a copy of the contract between the student and the agency or PCA to Disability Services for Students.
  • Ensure the PCA personnel changes are registered with Disability Services for Students, the Department of Safety & Security, Residence Life and Health Services.
  • Direct the activities of the PCA while at BW.  The student is solely responsible for ensuring that the PCA is fulfilling his/her responsibilities for the student's care.  BW will not assume responsibility for the PCA or his/her failure to fulfill the contracted responsibilities. 
  • Develop an alternative plan on action should the regularly assigned PCA not be available to work. 
  • Pay for all PCA services, including but not limited to housing and meal plans if living off campus.
  • Students are encouraged but not required to select a PCA of the same gender if the PCA will be assisting a student with bathing or toileting in a residence hall or in shared or public area restrooms.

PCA Role in Campus Life:

  • The PCA assisting a student with a disability on campus is required to follow all applicable BW policies, rules, regulations and procedures. 
  • The PCA may assist the student before and after class as needed, but should wait outside the classroom unless assistance during class is deemed appropriate or necessary and approved by Disability Services for Students. 
  • It is generally inappropriate for the PCA to have contact with or ask questions of faculty, staff or others on behalf of the student with a disability; it is not within the scope of the PCA's responsibilities to be involved in the student's academic life on campus. 
  • The PCA should respect the dignity and privacy of the student with a disability and refrain from discussing confidential information about the student with faculty, staff or other students. 
  • The PCA will only be allowed to access the student's residence hall while the student is in residence.
  • If the PCA violates BW policies, rules, regulations or procedures, Disability Services for Students may determine that the PCA may no longer assist the student on BW's campus.  If this occurs, it is the student's responsibility to secure the services of another PCA. 

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