Disability Services


Letter of Accommodation

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, people with disabilities have a right to equal educational opportunities.  By law, the student is not a person with a disability until such time as he/she chooses to identify as such and request protection from discrimination. If a student does not disclose his disability and follow the process, he/she is responsible for the academic outcome.

Letters of Accommodation, or LOAs are sent out on behalf of the students with disabilities who may need accommodation in order to have equal access.  They are sent because the student has a potential need for accommodation.  Even after accommodations have been approved based on a careful review of the student's disability file, the individual can choose not to use any one of those accommodations.  It is in part because we cannot force students to use accommodations that the responsibility for requesting LOAs is placed in the hands of the student.  

Here at Baldwin Wallace, student development is very important to our mission, vision, policies, practices and procedures.  We believe it is in the best interest of our students to have them learn self advocacy in how to shoulder the responsibility of managing their own accommodation needs.  It will be their lifelong challenge to advocate and support their own success.   

At the beginning of each term a student who wishes to use approved accommodations, must request LOAs.  We strongly recommend students submit their request at the beginning of each semester so they are able to begin utilizing their accommodations early. 

In an effort to be friendlier to the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the LOAs are received, they are emailed to the faculty and student.  We strongly encourage each student to schedule a meeting with the faculty member(s) to discuss their accommodations.  If a student DOES NOT schedule time with their faculty member, we will assume they have chosen NOT to utilize their accommodations this semester. 

Professors will not grant any academic accommodations without a LOA from Disability Services for Students (DSS). 

Baldwin Wallace does not waive essential program requirements or permit substitutions for courses deemed essential to its academic programs.



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