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Transportation Support Services

Jacket Access Van

The Purchasing Motor Pool Department provides limited transportation support services for students with motor limitations or other conditions that would significantly affect their ability to travel around campus.  Beginning January 1, 2015 the Access Van will ONLY be provided to students with permanent disabilities registered with Disability Services for Students.

Eligibility and Approval
Eligibility for transportation support services is determined by an assessment of a student's individual need by an appropriate staff member from one of the following departments: Disability Services for Students, Health Services or Athletic Training. 

Procedures for Requests
To request transportation services, a student must receive approval from either Disability Services for Students, Health Services or the Athletic Trainer.   DSS will provide information to the Motor Pool Department (student schedule, phone number and residence hall location).  Someone from the Motor Pool Department will contact the student to discuss the dates transportation can be provided.      

Drop off and pick up locations are agreed upon by the student and Motor Pool Department. These locations should remain consistent throughout the semester as transportation schedules are difficult to modify due to driver availability. 

Rider Responsibilities
Riders are responsible for canceling rides by calling the Motor Pool Department at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.  Students who fail to cancel their scheduled ride may be subject to a suspension of service.  After three (3) occurrences the service will be terminated.  

Although attempts are made by drivers to arrive in a timely manner, there are circumstances that may cause a driver to be late.  The driver or a Motor Pool Department representative will call if the ride will be delayed.  Riders are expected to wait at or near the scheduled pick up point until the vehicle arrives.  If a driver does not find a rider at the appointed pick up location, he or she will leave after ten (10) minutes. 
Provision of Services
Due to the limited availability of drivers, specific times for pick up are not guaranteed.  Assigned rides will be scheduled so that a student arrives at a destination on campus prior to the time needed for a class or other academic commitment.  Transportation support services cannot accommodate last minute requests due to the availability of the drivers. 

The Jacket Access Van will not provide transportation to locations off campus.  This service is provided as a courtesy.  Please treat all personnel with respect.  When students do not use the services appropriately and treat all staff with respect, their privileges may be revoked. 

Cancellation Policy
The campus area occasionally experiences severe weather conditions.  In accordance with the University policy concerning weather-related emergencies, the Motor Pool Department reserves the right to cancel rides on days deemed unsafe on campus.  Riders will be notified of the cancellation by telephone. 

Cancellation of rides may also occur due to mechanical difficulties or scheduled maintenance of the Jacket Access Van.  In such instances, riders will be notified as soon as possible. 

Field Trips and Off-Campus Events
Every attempt will be made to provide a driver for University-related field trips and off-campus events.  Trips generally two hours in length may be difficult to locate a driver.  If there is a student, staff or faculty member who has attended the Van Skills Class and is willing to go through the Jacket Access Van training, that person is approved to drive the van.  Training for the Jacket Access Van takes less than an hour.  Interested parties who wish to request the Jacket Access Van for field trips and campus events should make the request directly to the Motor Pool Department. 

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