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Office of Intercultural Education
Malicky Center, Room 107
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BW welcomed author and scholar, Dr. Kenji Yoshino, renowned for his provocative exploration of freedom, justice and equality in America as part of the Enduring Questions Lecture Series . (depicted above) 

Intercultural Education

We're building a learning-centered campus community which encourages diversity in all its manifestations as a means to understand an increasingly interconnected national and global environment.

Operating within Academic Affairs, the Office of Intercultural Education recognizes the increasing interaction of peoples from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds and the need for skills to facilitate understanding of those involved.

The duties of the Director of Intercultural Education focus on working with others, both within Academic Affairs and campus wide, to promote curricular reforms which support the College Mission, and to improve College efforts to recruit and retain a more diverse student body, faculty and staff. BW's faculty incorporated interculturalism into the design of the LAS 200 course, Enduring Questions in an Intercultural World. This course began in the fall of 2005 as a common experience for all students. The course is designed to include investigation of cultural differences and their influence on thought processes, values and perceptions in dealing with fundamental human questions

As part of their core requirements all BW students take courses focused on both domestic and international diversity. Interested faculty are exploring ways to link majors to the core to reinforce themes introduced in LAS 200 and provide a more in-depth exposure to the skills needed by students in the 21st century.

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