Faculty-Student Collaborative Scholarship


Previous Summer Scholars Projects


Student Faculty Mentor Project Title
LeeAnne Kosovich
Tom Sutton
Abstract:  Gauging the Influence of Religious Affiliation on Political and Social Engagement    
Jenny Jamison
Jacqueline Morris
Abstract:  Gene Expression Analysis of Genes WDR33 and WDR36 in Danio rerio  
Michele Nelson
Chris Stanton
Abstract:  Mapping the Distribution and Abundance of Reptiles  and Amphibians within the Dike 14 Dredge Disposal Site    
Sara Tackett
Jack Winget
Abstract:  The Birch Trees:  A Preservation of Legacies
Justin Washburne
Nancy Wurzel
Abstract:  Freud, Fitzgerald, and tha Flapper
Amy Lagzdins
Colleen Visconti
Abstract:  The Use of Literacy in Intervention for Nonverbal Children
Wilfred De Jean Nonguierma
Param Srikantia
Abstract:  Beyond the Western Economic Development Paradigm:  Explorations in Indigenous Capacity Building in the African Context





Representations of Early America in 18th and 19th century French Literature

Deanna Drake
John Gordon
The Meeting Ground of Feminist and Process Theology
Sarah Frischmann
Chris Stanton
Summer Survey of the Invertebrates at Dike 14 (Cuyahoga County, OH)                                            
Michelle Lasky
Ellen Posman & Ansar Ahmed
The Women of the Shiva Vishnu Temple
Erin Oliver
Kathy Matera
Isolation and Characterization of Potential Dual Inhibitors for Acetylcholinesterase Activity and Amyloid-Beta Fibril Formation
Kathleen Taylor
Jack Winget
Nightmare of Crime
Maximillian Zart
Joseph Gorse
Determination of Pharmaceuticals in Local Water Sources


Mutation 3630A and its effects on myelinization in Danio rerio

Kattie Basnett
Ana de Freitas Boe
Conceptions of Evolution in Thomas Hardy's Novels
Thomas Hardy and the Science of Romance
John Brandau
Kelly Coble
Phronesis and Sophia in Heidegger and Spinoza
Rihana Knotts
Richard Little
Unit Plan for Logic and Proof
Lara Lordi
Connie Evans
World War II and Baldwin Wallace University
Glen Rectenwald
Alan Kolp
Mysticism and Epistemology
Kay Stefanik Michael Melampy

An Investigation of the Impact of Land Use on the Reproduction of Mayapple



Faculty Member

Project Title

Haley Bartelomew
Andrew Mickley
Comparison of the Apoptotic Effect of Ketamine on Fetal Rats of Different Ages
Eugene Luketic
David Williamson
In-Depth exploration in Raku
Joe Noggle
Brian Woodside
The Effects of MDMA-Induced Serotonergic Damage on Long-Term Potentiation
Robert Simon
Michael Strasser
Instrumental Music in Cleveland 1865-1918
Amanda Svenson
Jacqueline Morris
Detecting the Present and Abundance of Oligodendrocyte Adult Stem Cells in the Zebrafish
Kira Thurman
Stephen Hollender
German Nationalsim and its Manifestations in German Romantic Literature




  Amy Jo Marcano shares her personal experience.

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 Faculty and students publish peer-reviewed papers and books together:

Mickley, G.A., Kenmuir, C.L., McMullen, C.A., Snyder, A., Yocom, A.M., Likins-Fowler, D., Valentine, E.L., Weber, B. , Biada, J.M., 2004.   Long-term age-dependent behavioral changes following a single episode of fetal N-methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) receptor blackades, BMC Pharmacology, 4:28.

Mickley, G.A., Kenmuir, C.L., Dengler-Crish, C.M., McMullen, C.A., McConnell, A., Valentine, E.L., 2004.  Repeated exposures to gustatory stimuli produce habituation or positive contrast effects in perinatal rats, Dev Psychobiol 44: 176-188.

Mickley, G.A., Kenmuir, C.L., McMullen, C.A., Yocom, A.M., Valentine, E.L., Dengler-Crish, C.M., Dengler-Crish, C.M., Weber, B., Wellman, J.A., 2004.  Dynamic processing of taste aversion extinction in the brain, Brain Research. 1016, 79-89.

Mickley, G.A., Kenmuir, C.L., Yocom, A.M., Wellman, J.A., Biada, J.M., 2005.  A role for prefrontal cortex in the extinction of a conditioned taste aversion, Brain Research. 1051, 176-182.

Ebert, Robert R. and Mariel Montoney. “Performance  of the South Korean Automobile industry in the Domestic and United States Markets.” FSCS project, 2006-2007 academic year.  Pulbication forthcoming in the BW Journal. 

Ebert, Robert R. and Anna J. Stryczny.  “The ‘Other’ 2008 Election: (The Political Economy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.” Business and Economy. Vol. 4, no. 1, August 2007, 2-5. 

Ebert, Robert R. and Niccole M. Pamphilis. “Packards From South Bend: Economic Perspectives on ‘The Last Packards’ Decision,” Parts 1 and 2. Automotive History Review, Fall 2006, Spring, 2007, issues number 46 and 47. 

Ebert, Robert R., James R. Neal, and Timothy P. Fijalkovich. The World’s Toughest Truck: The Reo/Diamond Reo Story. Yellow Springs, Ohio: Driveline Publications, 2006.

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