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Receive course credit for your Faculty/Student collaborative project

Through the FSC courses Baldwin Wallace University encourages and supports faculty-student collaborators as they tackle the inquiry-based, unscripted problems typical of research, scholarship and other creative endeavors. These courses facilitate the engagement of students and full-time faculty in the deep learning required for the creation, practice, and sharing of knowledge or works in their area of professional study. Enrollment in the course is competitive and requires that collaborating students and full-time faculty submit a project proposal. 

Proposal deadline for Fall 2014 FSC Courses:   March 7, 2014

Application Materials:

Faculty-Student Collaboration Course Proposal

Instructions, Expectations and Goals for Writing a Proposal for Faculty-Student Collaboration

Faculty-Student Collaboration Registration Form

Spring 2014 Faculty-Collaborative Courses

Modulation of Voltage-Dependent Potassium Channel Activity in a Mathematical Model of Neuronal Membranes

Student:  Benjamin Brown              

Faculty:  David Calvis


Development and Use of Training Protocols and Manuals for Group Intervention

Students(s):  Stephanie Darm, Angela Musille, Heather Woodard, Kayla Weaver     

Faculty: Colleen Visconti


Investigating the Wagnerian Voice

Student:  William Meinert

Faculty:  Timothy Mussard


Communicating Conditional and Unconditional Forgiveness:  Testing the Roles of Psychological Entitlement and Victim Sensitivity

Student:  Haley Osborne, Julie Chambers, Rebecca Cawthra, Zachary Frese

Faculty:  Andy Merolla


Effect of Ketamine on Learning and Memory in Juvenile Rats

Student:  Daniela Muhaj, Jannah Brown, Chynna Smith, Ashley Mahajan, Jordan Smith, Biagio Niro

Faculty:  Jaqueline Morris


Yound Adults and their Beliefs about the Affordable Care Act

Student:  Jesper Zuber

Faculty:  Emilia Lombardi


Investigating the Health Challenges Faced by Ghanaian Immigrants in New York City

Student:  Bosompim Yaa

Faculty:  Swagata Banik


The Rhetoric of the White Patriot Movement

Student:  Kristen Whitlatch

Faculty:  Sean Gilmore


A listing of past FSC courses can be found here.



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