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Student Spotlight


Kara Gawelek is a senior Neuroscience and Biology major. Her research project, Evaluation of Biocidal Activity, Cytotoxicity, and Ecotoxicity of Antibacterial Surface Coatings, examined the effect of surface coatings on water fleas. These coatings are used on a variety of surfaces that we use every day to prevent bacterial growth. Her research can provide insight on the possibly adverse affects on other living organisms, such as humans. Kara's research was part of her Summer Scholars project in 2012,  later was presented, and was one of the three winners of the research category at Ovation! In addition to working on other research projects with faculty and peers, Kara is the URCS Ambassador President. 

Pair up with a professor...two heads are better than one!

Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies (URCS) at BW enables the partnership of a student and a professor in a creative, hands-on approach to learning. Our programs provide the student/faculty teams with the resources necessary to conduct research and in-depth projects in all fields.

Faculty:  Click here to request to have a URCS Ambassador give a brief presentation to your class on the benefits of  undergraduate research is and ways to get involved at BW!

"[URCS] made me confident that what I learned my four years at BW will be useful to me after I graduate.  I also learned how to collaborate with faculty and students, as we combined our ideas together.  I learned to compromise on situations that I may have otherwise not have had to if I wasn't working in a group setting.  I think it's important to learn how to work with a group and collaborate with faculty and [URCS] taught me how to do that in a positive way."
- MacKenzie Rohrbacher  (former URCS student participant)


"With graduate school being extremely competitive, student involvement in research provides [students] with an important educational experience that can provide them with a stronger application for graduate school.  Thank you for allowing me to continue to have the opportunity to be a part of the [URCS].  It is an outstanding program!"
- Dr. Colleen Visconti (URCS faculty sponsor)

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