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Lillian and Larry D. Bibbee Scholarship Fund:  Criteria and application form

The Bibbee Scholarship is to acknowledge students who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in the classroom, a keen interest in independent research, and an active involvement in the College community.  This scholarship is available to students majoring in the Divisions of Humanities, Social Science, or Natural Science and Mathematics.  Eligible students will be notified.  Nominations are due in the Academic Affairs Office, Bonds 201, on Friday, February 13, 2015.

 Reinstatement Applications

When a student has been suspended by the University for academic reasons, the only way that the student may return is to be reinstated by the Academic Appeals Board.  The Academic Appeals Board consists of three faculty members and representatives of the vice presidents of academic  affairs and student affairs.  The Board reviews each case along with any supporting evidence provided by the student,  faculty, administrative personnel or parents.  Reinstatement applications for the fall semester must be received by August 1st and reinstatement applications for spring semester must be received by December 1st in order to be considered by the Academic Appeals Board.

Final Exam Change Request

The University policy states that students are required to take final examinations at the time they are scheduled.  However, students have the right to petition the Academic Affair's Office to reschedule an exam if they are scheduled for more than two exams in one day.  Other changes in the final examination schedule may only be made when circumstances occur that are beyond the control of the student.

Conflict Resolution Coordination Form

The Path to Resolve Student-Faculty Disagreements.  This check-off sheet informs students of the means by which student-faculty disagreements may be resolved and allows the Academic Affairs staff to monitor the process as the case progresses.    


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