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Internship/Practicum Placement

Internship/Practicum opportunities for Masters level trainees seeking their final practicum and Internship placement as well as Social Work students and Doctoral level psychology students seeking practicum placement are available at Baldwin Wallace University's Counseling Services each academic year (August to May).

Health & Counseling Services offers an integrated and holistic approach to meeting the mental and physical health needs of the BW student body.  For those of you coming from a large school atmosphere, this is a valuable opportunity to experience working in a smaller college setting.   We have two licensed psychologists, a PCC and LISW with supervisory designation to provide individual supervision.   In addition, you will receive weekly group supervision.

 Masters Level Internship:

  • Requires 20 hours/week commitment
  • Trainees having completed an initial practicum are preferred
  • Previous college counseling experience is preferred
  • Strong interest in working with college population is expected

Social Work Practicum:

  • Requires 20 hours/week commitment (additional hours may be required depending on home program)
  • Trainees having completed an initial practicum are preferred
  • Previous college counseling experience is preferred
  • Strong interest in working with college population is expected

Doctoral Level Practicum:

  • Requires 20 hours/week commitment
  • Previous college counseling experience is preferred
  • Strong interest in working with college population is expected 


Training opportunities:

We offer a dynamic training experience in college counseling.   Trainees have the opportunity to provide:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Preventive Programming/Outreach
  • Screenings
  • Consultation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychological Testing



  • Trainees are required to attend a two day orientation/training workshop to be held the second week of August (actual dates will be provided).  Center policies, and procedures, office space assignments, intake procedures, client scheduling, and client record keeping will be addressed along with didactic instruction on topics including crisis intervention.   Trainees are assigned a supervisor at this time as well.


  • Trainees are required to document all client contact in a timely manner using forms created by the center.  Additional documentation may be required regarding supervision, outreach and other therapeutic activities.

Outreach Activities

  • Trainees are expected to participate in outreach activities to the College community.   Student groups and residence hall staff often request the center to provide programs on a variety of topics including stress management, relaxation, healthy relationships, etc.   These presentations are typically made during evening hours.

 Liability Insurance

  • Trainees are required to carry liability insurance through their respective home programs or institutions.   Verification of liability insurance should be presented prior to beginning the training year.


  • Trainees will be provided 1 hour of individual supervision and 2 hours of group supervision weekly.  Group supervision is held on Wednesdays of each week from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and attendance is required.   During group supervision, Trainees will have the opportunity to present cases formally and informally.  Outside presenters are brought in for didactic presentations on a variety of topics depending on availability and scheduling.
  • Trainees are assigned a supervisor prior to beginning their training year.   There are two licensed psychologists on staff as well as a Professional Certified Counselor with supervisory status.   Supervisor assignments  depend on the number and type of trainees as well as availability of the supervisors.   Typically, trainees will work with the same supervisor both semesters of their placement.


  • Trainees will be evaluated at the end of each semester.   Evaluation forms should be provided by the home program.  The Center has evaluation forms that the Trainees complete regarding their experience with their supervisor as well as on the site, in general.


  • Inquiries and application materials should be addressed to:

Baldwin Wallace University
Health & Counseling Services
Attn:  Joy D. Wyatt, Ph.D.,  Director of Counseling Services
275 Eastland Road
Berea, Ohio  44017
(440) 826-2180

How to apply and time line:

Please send the following via mail or email as an attachment (attention - Dr. Wyatt):

  • Cover letter describing your interest
  • Current resume
  • Names/contact information for 3 references

The process of reviewing applicants for the upcoming academic year begins approximately the last week of February and typically continues through the second week of March.   Candidates will be notified of the approximate time offers will be made during the interview process. 

Past Trainees


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