Counseling Services


Do's and Don'ts of Helping Others

The Do's and Don'ts of Helping Others:

  • Do's

    • Listen and be supportive
    • Express your concern for the person's welfare
    • Encourage help-seeking behaviors, such as talking to others, or using available campus or community resourses
    • Call Counseling Services at (440) 826-2180 to seek advice from a professional counselor for your friend or for yourself in supporting your friend.  You may call anonymously.
    • Get immediate help if you think the person may harm her/himself or another:
    •            Contact the Counseling Center (440) 826-2180
    •            Contact your RA or Hall Director
    •            Campus Safety and Security (x2000) or
    •            Call the police by dialing  911


  • Don'ts

    • Ignore the problem and hope it will go away
    • Judge, pressure or preach
    • Become a person's only support system
    • Keep a confidence if you feel you are in over you head as a helper, or assess the person as dangerous to self or others                                                                                  


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