Counseling Services

Counseling Services
Health Center, corner of Beech and Bagley
(440) 826-2180

Emergency Information

BW Counseling Services
(440) 826-2180


BW Safety and Security
(440) 826-2000


Berea Police

(440) 234-1234 - Ask to speak with a Detective


Emergency Information for Sexual Assault

24-Hour Services

Counseling Services Hours:

On a limited basis over the summer.


During the Academic Year:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 8pm

(4pm - 8pm are by appointment only)
Fridays 9am - 5pm

(4pm - 5pm are by appointment only)

Urgent/Emergency Walk-In Sessions:

Monday through Friday between 9am

and 4pm when available

How to Make an Appointment:

Call (440) 826-2180 to schedule an appointment or stop in at the Health Center and make an appointment.   There is no charge to students for individual and group counseling or for urgent/emergency services.   A small fee is charged for psychiatry services.  Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete the paperwork. 

Our Services:

Commonly Discussed Issues in Counseling:  

  • Adjusting to college
  • Anxiety and stress reduction
  • Time management
  • Academics
  • Decision-making skills
  • Eating/Weight
  • Sexual assault/Date rape
  • Depression
  • Relationships/Family 
  • Health
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Conflict management
  • Culture and Identity
  • Anything that concerns you  

Substance Addiction

Oakview Behavioral Healthcare (Southwest General Hospital)


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