Enrolling in TRPP

Enrolling in TRPP is easy.  Just download the two forms below, and fax to 440-826-3073 or email Questions please contact Cashiers office at 440-826-2217.  

1.   Application for TRPP and Agreement  Application for enrollment in TRPP needs to be completed for each semester enrolled.

2.  Revolving Credit Agreement. This is a one-time form that is signed by all students participating in TRPP. Because we are extending the terms for payment of tuition beyond the end of the semester, the University is essentially making an educational loan to you. When loans are made, and in compliance with Ohio Lending Laws, the University must have a note signed.

For a written explanation of TRPP, please download the Getting Started Information pages

What happens if there is a change of employment or termination of tuition benefits?

A new TRPP form would need to be completed if you change employers. 

If tuition reimbursement benefits are no longer available from an employer, please note that it becomes the student's responsibility to inform the Bursar in writing of this change, at which time the student will end participation in TRPP and follow the regular University payment schedule.

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