TRPP - Tuition Reimbursement Payment Plan

At Baldwin Wallace University, we value the commitment your employer has made in helping to fund your education.  To assist you in reaching your educational goals, BW has developed a program that allows you to pay your tuition at the end of the semester when your tuition benefit is available. 

Many employers need to verify satisfactory completion of classes before tuition is paid for a student's work.  This means you don't receive the benefit until you've "made the grade."   That makes good business sense, but doesn't always parallel a college's billing system.

TRPP (Tuition Reimbursement Payment Program) was designed to support those policies and ease your payment process.  TRPP extends your payment due date at a low rate of interest until 30 days after the end of the term.  Students forward verification of course completion to their employers and remit payment to Baldwin Wallace University during this time.

Please go to:  Enroll in TRPP for downloadable forms to help you get started.


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