Academic Advising


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Office of Academic Advising?

Academic Advising helps students plan their academic program by--

  • assisting students with exploring academic and life goals
  • coordinating day, undergraduate student advising
  • assisting students in declaring a major and a minor (including double majors)
  • assisting students in changing majors, minors, and/or advisors
  • assisting students with their Graduation Plan, course selection, and registration process 

What can I expect from my faculty advisor?

At your BW Orientation you will begin working with a faculty advisor. At the beginning of your first semester, you will be assigned a faculty member who will serve as your academic advisor within your major. If you have not yet decided on a major, don't worry! We will assign a faculty member who specifically works with major-undecided students. If you have a double major, you will have two advisors. You may change your advisor at any time.

Your faculty advisor will help you with your Graduation Plan and suggest internships, employment, and graduate school ideas.  Your advisor can also serve as a professional reference.

What is my BW Graduation Plan?

Your Graduation Plan is your online tool for planning courses for your next term and for your entire BW academic program. Students use their Eval (Academic Program Evaluation) to create their Graduation Plan. The Grad Plan does not change the importance of your relationship with your advisor(s). You will meet with your advisor at least once per semester, your advisor will assist you with your Grad Plan, and you will register for your courses each semester from your Grad Plan. 

Your Graduation Plan--

  • assists you in determining your educational path toward a timely graduation
  • helps you understand how your actions and inaction affect your graduation time
  • organizes your additional educational experiences (e.g. internships, study abroad) 

How do I change my major and/or advisor?

Stop by the Academic Advising office in Bonds 106 and fill out a simple change form.  The Office of Academic Advising will send you a confirmation email. You can check your current advisor information on WebExpress. 

How do I declare a double major?

Stop by the Office of Academic Advising in Bonds 106 and update your Major/Minor form. You will receive a confirmation email, your second advisor info will appear on WebExpress, and your second major will be reflected on your Eval (program evaluation) and in your Graduation Plan.

How do I declare a minor(s)?

Stop by the Office of Academic Advising in Bonds 106 and fill out a Major/Minor form. Your minor will be added to your Eval (program evaluation), and you can then view your minor requirements on your Eval (program evaluation) and add your minor courses to your Grad Plan.

English is not my first language; where can I get ESL help?

Academic Advising or your advisor can help you schedule an ESL Grammar and/or ESL Writing class.  If it's too late in the semester to add a new class, contact The Learning Center (440.826.2147) for ESL assistance.

What is a college catalog?

The Baldwin Wallace University Catalog contains specific course and credit requirements for the majors, minors, and other programs of study, including course descriptions.  The catalog also contains general information regarding the undergraduate academic program here at BW; undergraduate academic opportunities; academic support services; undergraduate status and policies; admission and registration; student expenses and financial aid; the evening/weekend program; graduate programs; and rosters of faculty, staff, and trustees. (You can determine and view your catalog.)

Which catalog do I use?

While you are at BW, you will follow the catalog that is in effect during your first semester. If you are a returning student who has attained senior status, you have three years before you will have to fulfill the requirements of the newest catalog. If you have not achieved senior status, you have one year. (You can determine and view your catalog.)

What is the BW Adult and Continuing Education Program?

Although adult students may enroll in the traditional day curriculum, the Adult and Continuing Education program is designed specifically to meet the needs of adult students.  Degree-seeking students attend class during evenings or weekends. Course formats are planned to accommodate working adults.  For more information, contact the Adult and Continuing Education Program office in Bonds Hall, (440) 826-2121, or visit

How do I register for classes?

First, use your Academic Program Evaluation (Eval) to create your Graduation Plan (both on WebExpress). Then make an appointment with your academic advisor to go over your Grad Plan and discuss your academic progress. At the end of your advising session, your advisor will release you for registration. When you have been released for registration and it is your specific day and time to register (check your reg time on WebExpress), use your Graduation Plan to register.

To register, visit the Registration and Records web page. Click on the WebExpress icon in the left column.  Next, click on Web Advisor for Students.  Choose Register for classes.  At this point, you can either search for classes and register your final selections or skip right to Express Registration if you have chosen your classes in advance.  Once you have registered all your classes, you may print a copy of your schedule.

How do I confirm my readiness for graduation?

At anytime you can print an up-to-date copy of your Academic Program Evaluation--your Eval.  This document will tell you what courses you have already completed as well as the courses and credits which you need to take.  To access your Eval, go to the Registration and Records Web page.  Click on the WebExpress icon in the left column.  Next, click on Web Advisor for Students.  Click on Program Evaluation and the next screen will allow you to login by using your BW username and the last four digits of your social security number for your password.  After you submit your login information, you can select your active academic program and click submit once again.  It may take a few moments to update your evaluation, but after a brief pause your eval will appear on the screen.  You may print your eval if you desire. If you have questions about your Eval, please stop by the Office of Registration and Records in Bonds.

Can I take summer courses at another institution?

Yes, but check with your advisor and your catalog to determine which courses must be taken at BW (e.g. courses in some majors). Only courses taken at BW will factor in your GPA.

To find out which courses directly transfer to Baldwin Wallace, please go to the Registrar's transfer guide web page.  If the college you wish to attend is not listed, contact the Office of Registration and Records for further assistance at (440) 826-2126.

Once you have made your course selection, fill out a Transient Form at the Office of Registration and Records in Bonds Hall.  After your courses are approved by the Registrar, you will be able to register for those classes at the appropriate institution. 

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