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Research at Baldwin Wallace

Research is an important part of the BW experience. In addition to being dedicated teachers, our professors are passionate scholars and researchers. Because our faculty cares both about their students and their work, they're more than willing to involve you in their latest project or activity.

BW's Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies (URCS) enables the partnership of a student and a professor in a creative, hands-on approach to learning. URCS programs provide student/faculty teams with the resources necessary to conduct research and in-depth projects in all fields.

Regardless of your interest, you'll have the chance to pursue research in almost every field. And you won't do it alone. You'll be guided by an involved and conscientious mentor who will help you find a way to bring your passion to life.  URCS lists some of these opportunities.  You and your professor might come up with a new one of your own.

Our students take advantage of our on campus Summer Scholars Program as well as "summer experiments," such as working in Cleveland medical institutions, parks, and zoos. You may also do research in places such as Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Most students find these types of research opportunities invaluable as they launch their careers or apply to graduate or professional schools.

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