About BW

Your Success. The two most important words in our vocabulary.

First class. Actually.

One of the first classes you can take is College 101. A popular course, it helps you learn about BW and all it has to offer. You’ll also gain tips for strengthening your writing, studying, and time-management skills. Along the way, you’ll be exposed to active learning experiences that are fun.

Get out. Literally.

Getting out on campus is easy. Starting with Orientation and then Weekend of Welcome, we have an active campus. As a spectator, you can attend concerts, theatre productions, sports, academic lectures and more.

As a participant, you can join a few of our 100+ special interest clubs, Greek, professional organizations and honor societies. Or participate in one or more of our 23 Division III varsity sports, club sports or intramural activities. You’ll benefit socially, academically and professionally.

Hit the books. Figuratively.

A tough course—can be frustrating. Everyone gets one. But you’re never alone. Our professors and academic advisors care about your success. So does our Career Services Office. At BW, we offer comprehensive resources to meet your academic and career preparation needs.


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