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BW's Financial Aid Mission Statement

Through the Baldwin Wallace University's financial aid programs, the College strives to provide financial support for all deserving students from all economic backgrounds, so that such students may have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals at BW.  Every effort will be made to provide financial assistance to students, who, without such aid, would otherwise, be unable to attend college.  Financial aid is awarded to students on the basis of scholastic achievement, documented financial need, and the promise of achieving academic success.  BW's financial aid programs are professionally administered in accordance to the standards set forth by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and govern under federal, state, and institutional aid awarding policies and regulations.  Financial aid is available through a variety of federal, state, institutional, and private sources of assistance and may be in the form of scholarship, grants, loan, employment, or a combination of such sources.  Students can receive information, without cost, on how to apply for financial aid through BW's Financial Aid Office.

BW's Financial Aid History and Purpose

The oldest financial aid records still held on to by BW's Financial Aid Office date to 1959 and take notice of an article posed by the Cleveland Press newspaper that is as true today as then: "Soaring Costs of College Worry's Nation's Educators."   Financial aid general ledgers from that period also point to how College resources were awarded to students through the careful listing of student names, in pencil, the amount of assistance "to the penny given" and the award fund designated.

From that time, the technology and the instruments used to record and to award students may have remarkably changed, but the intent and purpose has remained unchanged -- to assist students of need and to provide students, of all backgrounds, with the sources of assistance that can be most beneficial for the student's pursuit of their BW educational goals.  It is with this purpose that the members of the financial aid staff continuously labor each year to improve the quality of services offered to students and parents and to help fulfill the recruitment goals of the college, while adhering to the budget limitations imposed upon the office and in remaining in compliance with federal, state, and institutional student aid policies and regulations.

Financial Aid Diversity Scholarships and Initiatives

Working as a part of the Enrollment Management Team, the Financial Aid Office provides students of diversity with financial aid opportunities that will assist them in reaching their educational goals.  Among the more notable programs are these:

  • BW Heritage Scholarship Program:  This is an academic scholarship that provides prospective, new students with an annual award of between $1,000 and $4,000 each academic year. It is awarded to admitted under-represented, under-served, and who will enrich the College's cultural diversity.  Eligible students must be in the top 25% of the high school class and have a minimum GPA of 3.4.  Annual criteria for eligibility and award amounts change occasionally based upon review of past awarding practices.  Contact person:  Admissions representative.
  • BW Multicultural Scholarship Program:  This is an award program that is sometimes made available in helping award students of diversity who might not receive sufficient gift assistance and who may not have qualified for a BW Heritage Scholarship.  Though financial aid resources are primarily funneled through the Heritage Program, some awards may be made each year, on a case by case basis, where it is appropriate to provide additional support for eligible underserved students.  Award amounts range between $1,000 and $2,500.  Contact:  Financial aid needs analysis counselor.
  • BW Multicultural Loan Program:  This is an emergency BW loan program where students of diversity may be able to receive a BW Loan in helping to finance their BW education.  For 2009-10, the parameters governing eligibility, maximum loan amount, interest rates, and payment schedule are being presently established.  Because of changes being introduced in private student loan programs, the BW Loan should become a better resource of student consideration, for those that are eligible and are in need of such further assistance.  A limited number of such awards may be available in any given academic year.  Contact:  Not yet available for use.


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