Diversity Affairs


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Dr. Deb Esty (Psychology)

Ms. Melanie Coleman (Multicultural Student Services)

Mr. CJ Harkness (Diversity Affairs)


Dr. Amy Story (Philosophy)

Diversity and Gender Studies

Beginning in the Fall 2010, Diversity Affairs started a partnership with two academic units to engage students that have selected Gender or Diversity Studies as a minor.  Students are encouraged to explore various aspects of gender and diversity in an intercultural world.  To enhance discussions and maximize on intellectual curiosity, visual stimuli such as art, films, and print sources (e.g- research articles, books, and newspapers) are used to guide and stimulate thinking that supports academic development.  

Students explore multiple ways of examining the world and are able to filter relevant information in a variety of ways: individually, culturally, and collectively.  In addition, students participate on a voluntary basis, giving their time monthly to share in passions related to gender and diversity studies. 

Diversity Studies

'The minor in Diversity Studies has two purposes: to teach students about diversity of the United States, with a special focus on gender, and to help students find innovative ways of living within a pluralistic society. For the purposes of this minor, "diversity" encompasses cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, generational, and physical diversities within the United States. "Gender" is understood as a subset of diversity, and includes the physiology, sociology, or psychology of gender difference, sexual identities, gender stereotypes, and/or social, economic, cultural and historical structures relating to men's and women's status."

"The minor is intended to complement students' majors. Its interdisciplinary design introduces students to the different ways the disciplines conceptualize, investigate, and analyze issues of diversity. The program of study will also aid students in refining and expressing their own ideas about diversity, and will encourage them to bring new perspectives to bear on their other areas of study. A capstone seminar will provide students with theoretical tools to integrate the material from their courses with their research or career choices in a sophisticated manner."   

Dr. Deb Esty, Director of the Diversity Studies minor, is in the Department of Psychology. 

Gender Studies

"Gender Studies examines the significance of social constructions of sex, gender, and sexuality as they structure the meaning of personal identity and social institutions like work, family, medicine, and the law.  The Gender Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to choose from a number of different disciplines and topics to meet their individual interests while also acquiring a breadth of knowledge about how gender and sexuality are explored across multiple academic fields.  Gender Studies courses seek to enhance the integration of knowledge about gender and the social institutions that help to structure it beyond the classroom to one's public and personal life."

"The minor requires a total of 18 credit hours from a menu of options across multiple disciplines, with credit accumulated from at least three different departmental prefixes.  Up to four of those 18 credit hours can be substituted with an approved Independent Study or Internship coordinated with a faculty member working within the Gender Studies minor.  Completion of the minor requires a not-for-credit reflection paper that summarizes the student's experience across the minor courses."

Dr. Amy Story, Director of the Gender Studies minor, is in the Department of Philosophy.


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