Preparing for the Unexpected: Simple Steps to Take

While student safety is a top priority at Baldwin Wallace, circumstances beyond the University’s control are always a possibility. Families can take steps to prepare.

Monitor BW communication channels. BW posts information on the home page of its website. The University also sends texts and email alerts to students and emails to parents as part of its emergency communications plan. Prior to the start of each semester, students are asked to confirm course registration via a process known as "check-in". At this time, students can review and update their cell phone number and other important data. They also can review, update and submit parent information.

Families should make plans for contacting each other in the event phone service is out. In cases of limited phone service, it may be easier to make long distance calls in lieu of local ones. To be prepared, pick two out-of-state relatives or friends for all family members to contact. These liaisons can be valuable for collecting and sharing information. In addition, consider establishing a meeting place and directives in case electronic communication modes are disabled.

Create a small emergency kit for your student. The following items can be assembled in a waterproof tote: flashlight and radio with new and extra batteries, first aid kit, antibacterial hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes, scissors, cash (bills and change), whistle (to get attention), nose-mouth mask, medical gloves, extra cell phone charger and/or charger that connects to car.

Keep three days worth of water and food on hand. Residence hall students and off-campus apartment dwellers should have on hand bottled water as well as canned/boxed/pouch food that doesn’t require refrigeration and can serve as meal.

Protect electronic equipment. Know if your student’s equipment has built-in surge protection or a battery-powered back-up system. If not, take precautions to protect it from damage caused by power fluctuations.

Have your student keep an ID and crucial medical information on himself/herself at all times. Don’t rely on storing this type of information just on a phone.  A photo ID and medical card listing life-threatening conditions, allergies and other pertinent health history information are imperative during an emergency.

Stay calm. BW is committed to the safety and well being of its students.

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