For Commuters Only
Special parking spots, fun events and a great lounge are some amenities just for commuters.
The Commuter Lounge is in Heritage Hall. It is the perfect place to eat, rest and study.
The lounge includes lockers, refrigerator, microwave, computers and printers, large screen TV and more.

Commuters are a "Driving Force" at BW

Whether they live at home or are upperclassmen residing in apartments, commuters are energetic individuals who balance multiple roles and responsibilities.

And while commuters may have to make a few adjustments in order to take advantage of the many out-of-classroom opportunities available to them, they are an integral part of today's diverse student body. They are involved with sports, clubs/organizations, academic endeavors and more.  This makes them a "driving force" at BW.

The following suggestions are directed to commuters and their parents, but are applicable to most college students and their families. 

Parent Pointers:

Discourage an outlook of missing the “full college experience.”  Your student’s peers or others may suggest that residential living is the only way to experience college. The bottom line is that campus life is whatever a student makes of it. There is no right or wrong way.

Communication is essential.  Although your student may be living at home, he/she will expect to have more independence and less supervision. Discussing house rules and family roles can eliminate potential tensions.

Be an anchor for your student, but balance that role with encouraging autonomy.  Temper your assistance with a bit of patience to allow your student the opportunity to handle his/her own responsibilities.

Don't fret if your student misses some family dinners and events in lieu of participating in college activities.  It probably means he/she is becoming engaged with campus life and is making friends.

If your student feels overwhelmed, offer support and suggest campus resources.  Commuters often juggle family, work and college responsibilities. At mid-term, finals or in-between, they may feel pressured in trying to do it all. Being overloaded can be detrimental to their physical, emotional and mental well being. Campus resources like the health center and counseling services can help by recommending ways to manage stress.

Encourage your student to get involved.  BW offers academic-focused organizations, community service initiatives, athletics (including  intramural sports) and a variety of social/special interest groups.  These activities provide excellent opportunities for students to meet a variety of people, gain valuable leadership and communication skills, and to build resume and networking contacts.


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