New Student Orientation

Vince Matia
Co-Student Director
Medina, OH
Class of 2015
Vince is a Music Education major. He is involved in the Conservatory, Men's Chorus, Greek Life, Theater Productions, Dance Marathon, and the PRISM Concert.

 What is your favorite quote?

ʺA day without laughter is a day wastedʺ - Charlie Chaplin

What was your biggest mistake as a first year student? What did you learn from that experience?

The biggest mistake during my freshman year was my inactivity and lack of involvement. My first year here I was really hesitant to be involved because of my workload. Looking back I realize that it was a mistake, BW has many opportunities that can help me become a better student and person. Some of these opportunities won't be available to me after graduation. I need to take advantage of my surroundings while I am here. In the past two years I have become more involved and active on campus and now I realize that my involvement has helped my grades and has given me a network of people that can help me if I need it.

How did you choose your major?

Senior year of high school I never intended to be a Music Education major, but a lot of my friends convinced me to audition here at the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music because I was very involved in music in high school. So I prepared and practiced, and after a very stressful audition I learned I was accepted as a Music Education student. I decided to take the opportunity and thought, “if I don't like it I can always switch my major or transfer schools.” But its been three years and I absolutely love what I am studying and the Conservatory. I wouldn't change it for anything!

What has been your best experience at BW so far?

My best experience here at BW has been the community I have been able to be involved in. BW is a close and caring community. This is really important to me because I enjoy collaborating with my peers and professors. I love helping others in their endeavors and seeing what we can accomplish together. BW has a certain energy that makes it a great place to learn.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot by far is Gamble Auditorium because of all the concerts the Conservatory has there. Nearly every weekend there are FREE concerts to enjoy, and all of them are worth going to see. Even if you don't think it's your ʺcup of teaʺ there are a wide variety of performances here: University Choir, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Men's Chorus, and even the BWBeatles. The talent here at Baldwin Wallace is incredible!

What was the best advice given to you by your parents or family members during your first year?

Have fun and do something outside your comfort zone! Nothing fun ever happens inside your comfort zone, when your branch out is when you can learn a lot about yourself.


Final Word

Take advantage of the incredible opportunities here at Baldwin Wallace, I hope you are excited to open the next chapter in your lives!
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