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Summer Scholars Fosters Faculty-Student Collaboration
Over the 10 weeks, students and faculty build a relationship that goes beyond the summer.
Pictured above, Professor Lalene Kay works with Annemarie Kulbis '16, on a music therapy project.
Learn more about Baldwin Wallace's Summer Scholars Program

Paige Serbin '16, works with philosophy professor Dr. Kelly Coble on the study of morality.

Assessing the effect of a high fat diet on the brain, Kyle Johnston '16, is combining his interests of neuroscience and psychology in his studies.

Summer Scholars Break New Ground in Research, Creative Studies

From science to music to philosophy and more, 11 students pursued a research or a creative project of their own design under the supervision of a faculty mentor as part of BW’s 2014 Summer Scholars program.

The 10-week program, which recently received a generous gift from John Schanz '53 in memory of his wife Joyce Evans Schanz '53, provides participants with a collaborative learning environment. The Scholars live together on campus and regularly share their research with one another through weekly meetings. This year's participants included:

Dominic Aragon '16, of Wichita (Kan.)

Cello Performance major

Worked with Dr. Dirk Garner on Edifying Russian Choral Composer Pavel Chesnokov Through Transliteration and Analysis of His Op. 24

"This project will create an edition of Chesnokov’s Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. This involves transliterating the Cyrillic letters into Latin letters. Once completed, the work will be entered into a music notation system to create a performance edition." 

Trey Arney '15, of Coshocton (Ohio)

Biology major

Worked with Dr. Michael Kovach on Modeling the Neurological and Physiological Effects of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus on Adult Mice

"Recent studies indicate the behavior of mice was significantly altered when given the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus. I want to see what exactly in this bacterium causes this alteration in behavior and if it is a permanent change."

Hannah Bowie '16, of Akron

Chemistry, Sustainability major

Worked with Dr. Lisa Ponton on Analysis of Natural Waters for the Presence of Estrogenic Compounds

"My research will look at the Rocky River watershed for the presence of estrogenic compounds. These compounds are of worldwide interest because of their potentially harmful side effects in animals and humans by altering growth, development and reproduction."

Jannah Brown '16, of Toledo (Ohio)

Neuroscience/Biology major

Worked with Dr. Jacqueline Morris on the Role of NG2 in Axonal Migration and Bone Development in Zebrafish

"My research will determine the function of NG2. NG2 is a gene expressed in cells during the development of the central nervous system as well as in the adult brain and spinal cord in humans, zebrafish, and other animals."

Christin Godale '16, of Mentor (Ohio)

Neuroscience/Biology major       

Worked with Dr. Michael Bumbulis on Characterizing Programmed Cell Death in Euglena Gracilis

"I am pursuing research on apoptosis which is seen in epilepsy. Apoptosis is a biological process that is a form of programmed cell death which is essential to animal life."

Kyle Johnston '16, of Lancaster (Ohio)

Neuroscience/Psychology major

Worked with Dr. Steven Neese on Navigating the Adolescent Maze:  The Impact of a High Fat Diet on Brain Chemistry in Rats

"In coordination with a Spring semester project designed to assess the effects of exposure to a high fat diet on learning and memory processes in adolescent rats, I plan to assess the brains of adolescent rats following exposure to a high fat diet or a low fat diet."

Annemarie Kulbis '16, of Euclid (Ohio)

Music Education and Music Therapy major

Worked with Professor Lalene Kay on Music Education in an Inclusive Setting for Children Living with Autism

"I am looking to create a music curriculum for K-4 general music teachers. I would like to provide them with the necessary information to effectively work with this school-age population."

Biagio Niro '16, of Seven Hills (Ohio)

Neuroscience/Biology major

Worked with Dr. Jacqueline Morris on Knockdown of the PAD 2 Gene and its Implications in Neuronal Development

"Using a zebrafish model, I am looking for an enzyme called PAD2 which is regulated in patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disorder."

Aubrie Powell '15, of Los Alamos (N.M.)

Music Composition major

Worked with Dr. Clint Needham on Character through Music

"My research looks at the portrayal of character in program music by studying harmonies, instrumentations, and compositional techniques. I will then apply this insight to composing pieces that portray characters from a particular literary work."

Paige Serbin '16, of Wadsworth (Ohio)

German and Philosophy major

Worked with Dr. Kelly Coble on The Roots of Morality

"Among my areas of exploration, I will be looking at whether or not there exists objective moral truth. I want to evaluate an alternative hypothesis, according to which our moral beliefs can be justified, even though they are to some extent prewired."

Julissa Shinsky '15, of Edinboro (Pa.)

Music Theory and Performance major

Worked with Dr. Beth Hiser on the Impact of Schostakovich Symphony No. 5

"My goal is to support the idea that music is an art form used to evoke certain emotions based on what a particular culture is experiencing at the time period a piece was written. For this project, I will research the time period and analyze the symphony in its entirety."

Posted July 2014


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