Strategic Plan


III. Curricular/Co-Curricular Development

A. To build an integrated learning environment and experience for all graduate and undergraduate students that features distinctive programs, a 21st century curriculum, inspired teaching and relevant experiential opportunities.

  1. Develop curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities.
  2. Develop a template and support structures for implementation of the BW Action Plan with all first-year students beginning fall 2011.
  3. Use the academic advising structure to coordinate the linkage between advising and career planning, beginning in the first semester of enrollment at BW.
  4. Develop more internship opportunities for students
  5. Develop a rich network-oriented career services effort that is as resourceful in the job placement of students as the recruitment effort in attracting new students.
  6. Engage businesses, community organizations, government agencies and alumni to improve placement of students in internships, employment and graduate and professional schools.
  7. Develop a more deliberate and distinctive core curriculum that ensures our students are well prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century and that positions BW as an institution with a strong identity and a competitive, marketable advantage. 

B.   To implement changes in course and degree delivery for Adult and Continuing Education Students that increase enrollment, retention and degree completion.

  1. Expand the number of core of hybrid or online courses offered for degrees in the Adult and Continuing Education Program by an additional 10% by Fall 2012 (Benchmark:  Fall 2008).
  2. Expand the number of accelerated (8 week minimester and immersion) Adult and Continuing Education course offerings in identified majors by Fall 2010, so that part-time students can complete their major programs in two years.
  3. Focus on student services initiatives that recognize the contributions and achievements of adult students at BW and to enhance their sense of community.
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