Strategic Plan


I.  Recruitment of Students

A. To recruit a diverse, traditional student body with a first-year class size of 725-740 students.

  1. Increase diversity enrollment in the incoming  class by 1% in each of the next five years by building on current relationships with Cleveland area schools, community colleges and community organizations (Benchmark Year:  2008).
  2. Increase selectivity of first-year admission (% of applicants who are admitted) by increasing the applicant pool to 3,700 students by 2011.
  3. Increase out-of-state enrollment by 1% in each of the next five years.  (Benchmark Year:  2008)

B. To recruit new undergraduate part-time and adult learners to achieve overall enrollments of 515 for fall 2010, 525 for fall 2011 and 535 for fall 2012.

  1. Continue to develop partnerships with local businesses and organizations that enhance student recruitment.
  2. Develop creative financing options to help part-time and adult students pay for their education.
  3. Continue to strengthen partnerships with local community colleges in ways that enhance student recruitment and promote mutually beneficial collaborations.
  4. To use the market research on adult learners to inform programming offered through Adult and Continuing Education in order to enhance the recruitment of adult learners.
  5. To continue to make strategic use of the BW at Corporate College East location to increase enrollment
  6. Continue to investigate and pursue new populations of students including veterans and health care workers.

C. To recruit an incoming traditional-age cohort of 150 undergraduate transfer students by 2010-11.

D. To recruit an incoming class of 190 graduate business students by 2010-11.

E. To recruit a total incoming class of 75 graduate education students for fall 2011.

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